Defaulters - Please Avoid Plagiarism in Steem Ghana

in Steem Ghana3 years ago

Hello Guys,

How are we all doing, this is an activity that myself along with my fellow leaders have been checking on for quite sometime now and i felt it is right that i put this out there reminding members the importance and the need for us to stick to writing our own original content.

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This will ensure that the proof of brain work is active and that members who are doing their very best in terms of putting in their personal effort, innovation and creativity are recognized and awarded accordingly for their work. And so to help curb the act of plagiarism members caught in this act would be made known to the community as a deterrent.

For the past few days here are the list of individuals who were caught engaging in such acts and we hope that this would be the very last of such acts;



Let's endeavor to work together to take our community to new heights. That said, it is imperative that we avoid the acts of plagiarizing that we may grow together and be put at the top always by our peers. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful time.

cc: @endingplagiarism
 3 years ago 

Thanks very much for your fight against plagiarism

 3 years ago 

My Pleasure bro

Thanks for the reminder.

 3 years ago 

You are welcome

 3 years ago 

Pls let's do our best in restraining from this,,If nothing at all we can all participate and that will make us more active on steemit

 3 years ago 

Yes indeed, thanks for the support always bro

Say no to plagiarism!!!!!

 3 years ago 

Thank you for your vigilance and hardwork

 3 years ago 

One thing every writer should take note is that original contents make you credible. If your work is always authentic, people always want to read something from you. A big thank you for the pellucid content.

 3 years ago 

Great comment bro you couldn’t have said it any better

Say no to plagiarism.Well done.

 3 years ago 

Thank you

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