Why I would make a good steem Country Representative for Ghana.

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My steem in retrospect.(@mcsamm)

Dear Steemitblog,

With reference to THIS POST I saw earlier this week, spelling out clearly the requirements and procedures to welcome applications as country representatives, l write to duly turn in my application as a country representative for Ghana with so much excitement and joy.

My existence on the steem blockchain happened in a more surprising manner since l had very little knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency operation. Even though my exuberant level of delight to bring impacts in the lives of people through social media technology and digital transformation was just right on course as l keep moving from one platform to another.


Design credit by @mcsamm

It was not until June 2017 when a got chanced to be introduced to steemit by @tj4real through my daily effort to assist Ghanaians with the provision of cheap internet data to improve their activities on the internet. I must confess that this has been the best thing that has ever happened to me over the past years. It happens to be an excellent idea not only for myself but also for the people who we intend to help improve their lives through social media activities. Even though there have been so many challenges in the journey of becoming the best version of my own self on the steem blockchain, l have certainly developed a stronger passion and dedication to promoting steemit here in Ghana even as l allow myself to go through the significant changes that steem is making in the lives of everyone. I am have become so passionate about helping people to make steemit the best that could ever happen to all.

My steem Experience.

Working with technocrats like @surfyogi @nanzo-scoop @thejohalfles @ackza @sweetsssj and several steemians over the past years gave me such overwhelming energy in achieving my aim as a local steem promoter to help improve the lives of people even as l introduce Ghanaians to the steem community as well. Their directions and daily support gave me the insight to be involved in activities that led to the establishment of @girlsfoundation in Ghana and Nigeria.
This gave a lot of young girls in school the opportunity to achieve their educational dreams through the support and innovations l rendered through the initiative. Let me appreciate the effort of @nattybongo and @anaman who have supported me over the past years in carrying out activities of the Girls foundation to impact lives.


Distribution of writing materials


  A visit to Kumasi orphanage


My dedication since my existence on the steem blockchain me a curator of the @wafrica community which aimed at bringing all Africans on this blockchain under one umbrella to ensure the best of activities were made with steem. This was under the leadership and supervision of @surfyogi. The Wafrica through me made efforts and much significant change in the lives of people through the many charity activities that were carried under my control. This has given life-changing testimonies to people through which steem has contributed a lot in their lives.

The need to ensure a successful steem promo work has compelled me to get into the production of steem t-shirt for almost everyone that joins our community. This has happened under my hard work and support to make our existence on the blockchain a fruitful one. This and many efforts have been achieved and made over the years.


 steemit shirts production

My steem communities.

As a local steemit promoter here in Ghana, l am currently ensuring my daily efforts bring nothing but bringing improvement to the steem ghana community l belong to. Being a moderator for the ghana community has required me to get posts from the ghana community curated and also helping to improve the writing skills and general welfare of all steemians of the ghana community. This has in effect compelled me to run a weekly contest with @nattybongo as a moderator. The presence of @njaywan and @oppongk as representatives for the ghana community are of great support to my weekly meetings that are held to discuss issues and educate steemians in ghana on their activities on the steem blockchain.




My steem promotional activities have lately made me a Ghanaian promoter for the #promosteem community which l belong to. The community is fast growing with the ongoing promo activities from the hard work of @arie.steem @pojan @ponpase @vipnata and many others under the supervision of @stephenkendal @pennsif and @dorbatim. These are several other communities ll have joined are helping to ensure my input to the community's growth is something good to write about.

Why l know l would be a good country Rep for Ghana.

My commitment and contribution to my community Ghana, have brought so much improvement and recognition. The recent growth of the community is so overwhelming to make us one of the best of the communities on the steem blockchain. The tremendous experience l have gained since my existence on the steem blockchain has not only brought transformation in the lives of people but contributed hugely to the growth of steem and high recognition of steem blockchain here in Ghana.

My recognition as a country representative here in ghana will be nothing but a continuation of a stronger bond and dedication to the effort of @oppongk and @njaywan who are representing ghana on the steem blockchain. We hope to move ghana to a bigger milestone through our daily guidance, meetup organization, and promotional activities to ensure many recruits in our quest to promote steemit in Ghana. This certainly has a significant influence on the introduction of investors to this platform to make steem the best here in Africa. I am of a strong conviction that, my objectives digital transformation with steem here in Ghana would be more than a reality if given the recognition as a country rep.


 @oppongk, @njaywan, @mcsamm, and @nattybongo

 Steem Ghana


Being ready for full responsibility and challenging tasks, l wish to express the excitement should my application be accepted as a country Rep for ghana to serve and work harder in making steemit the platform we hope to see. Thanks for your attention.

10% of post payout going out to @steem-ghana
Thank You, @mcsamm


Brother @mcsamm! I'm completely out of words how I'm bullish that you'll be a great representative for the Ghana community. I commend you for all of the things you've done to PromoSteem and Steemit in general.

I am 100% in full support. Good luck brother!

 last year 

I feel excited working with you @jassennessaj. You have been a great asset to the steem blockchain and having this would be a great honour to work with genius like you. Thanks always buddy.

You promoted Steemit in a beautiful way. I saw your work. I think you deserve to be a country representative.

:-CR Bangladesh

 last year 

I'm so much pleased for your words. Thank you

I think you would fit greatly as a country representative! You are a good guy and you are all in on supporting your community

 last year 

Thanks amd l hope to working together with you in making steem the best

I won't say much. all I know is that you are kind and care about the community. you deserve to be a CR, I hope you can become cr

cc: @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

 last year (edited)

Thank you for the guidance and support you have given to our community members thus far.

You have truly been quite productive in that area and have been quite instrumental when it comes to our weekly meetups which adds value to your leadership potential.

Good luck your application brother.

 last year 

Thank you.

I hope you will become to CR.

Good Luck brother !


 last year 

I am so thankful for your support too bro.

good job, always success and greetings from Aceh, Indonesia

 last year 

Many thanks too buddy.

All the best bro. Go higher.

 last year 

Thanks too buddy

Giving to society. Well-done

 last year 

Good to see you around

 last year 

You’ve been an inspiration to many. Thanks for the motivation and guidance. I think you will be a good addition to the existing team. Your dedication is superb. All the best sir

 last year 

Thanks for the support in helping us to promote steemit.

 last year 

You are the best. Go for gold

 last year 

And you are wonderful @magcarnie. Steem Ghana is proud of you.

 last year 

Thanks a lot. We are also proud of you

Your effort to the growth of our community is such a tremendous one @mcsamm. I hope you all the best in doing this. I believe being a country rep will help our community in diverse ways with your selfless support for our growth. I wish you all the best.

 last year 

Thanks, bro. Success is a team effort.

 last year 

Thank you for constantly dedicating selflessly to this great course. You will ve an amazing rep

You are such a great support to steem-ghana and steem-world and your input and effort can not be under rated. Go for gold bro. Wishing you all the best.

 last year 

I am most grateful bro. Thanks for your support

My friend, we different countries but have become one big big family with steemit platform. We will support you to build your community. our greetings from Aceh, Indonesia. Good luck

 last year 

Many thanks buddy. Let's win together.

Yes, thanks too

 last year 

You just have to be. Your love the family is too great!
Go for gold

 last year 

We win together bro

You indeed have demonstrated epitome of dedication, excellence and good work
You deserve nothing but the best bro. Thumbs up for you

 last year 

I am grateful buddy.

 last year 

Thank you my brother, @vipnata

 last year 

You have been an immense contributor to the Ghanaian Community and your support and love has been felt by all, all the best bro

 last year 

Thanks buddy. Working with you will get our community the objectives we hope to see

All the best @mcsamm🙏

 last year 

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