Update and Report on Steem Virtual Meet up in Ghana 24.04.2021; Improving community engagement.

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Hello, steemians,


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I present to everyone a quick update and the outcome of the just ended meetup that happened last night 24th April 2021.
It was a moment to educate, learn and share the various tools and techniques needed for the growth of our steem community, Ghana. The joy that this meetup brought was overwhelming and still refreshes my mind. This was not only meant for all the needed activities for our growth but also, it gave us the opportunity to welcome and introduce the various newbies that the community members have made an effort to bring on board in our quest to support #promo. This is of no news since the engagement of our community members in steem promo work has been greatly improved over the past few days. In effect, the Ghanaian community has purposed to hold a weekly virtual meetup to handle issues of our growth and the spread of steem blockchain here in the country.

First of all, let me commend the effort of all participants who showed up for the steem ghana virtual meetup. I was indeed impressed with the attendance and the diverse views and activities that every single member shared for the growth of the community. You have certainly demonstrated your preparedness to help steem transform the online activities of many Ghanaians. Every one of us is an instrument to the success that we seek to build not only for ourselves but for the people we hope to nurture as well.

The attendance.

As stated earlier, we had a total membership of 15 steemians who showed up for the virtual meetup. Even though several others could not join the voice for the meeting but they still shared their concern and inputs on the text channel of the prevailing agenda that was displayed on the page.
As a local steem promoter and a moderator of our community, mobilizing members for the meetup was not of a surprise to many people. My effort to ensure embers turn up for the meeting gave us that amazing number. It was worse some weeks before. And so we commend ourselves for the effort that was given last night.


In the coming days, we hope to make the announcement to the meet earlier than before. These were concerns that others raised for their inability to show up for the virtual meetup even though the announcement got out a day before. I must commend also the commitment of all members to the meeting as well. There was a great level of comportment from members which resulted in such a successful meeting held.
It is certainly convincing that our community is on the verge of achieving a better and greater milestone on the steem ecosystem.

The Discussion.

The existence of our community demands activities of this nature which will give members the opportunity to learn and educate themselves more. Steem continues to improve each day with the hope of becoming the best social platform that the entire world can boast of. This presupposes that there is a need for getting ourselves informed of all the skills needed in improving our operations on the blockchain. The meeting was obviously coordinated by myself @mcsamm with all the available members participating fully. The issues that were discussed were clearly spelled out in the announcement post that was made prior to the virtual meetup. Among the issues discussed were;

  • Welcome and Motivation.
  • Progress and Status of our community
  • Contests and communities involvement
  • Achievement Tasks
  • Plagiarisms and Markdowns
  • Steem and PowerUps
  • Promo steem
  • Any Other Business


With the hopes of equipping the community members with all the various education and skills needed for their better operation on the steem blockchain, the above issues were discussed for the betterment of individual and community growth. They gave reasons for members to be directly involved in issues that had troubled many since their existence. These had been the preoccupation for which the community is established. To support and guide members through the exploration of their world on the steem blockchain. Many questions and concerns were raised by members about things that needed clarification. It was amazing to see the various response and inputs from members like @nattybongo @delakloe @head1 @kubati @awuahbejamin @odsam2 @banapat @magcarnie to the questions and concerns that were raised by other members and newbies for their understanding. It was such an impressive one from these guys and all the other members who showed up.


In addition to the above, the future of steem ghana is indeed great with the enthusiasm of community members that were given last night. We hope to see many significant changes directly in the content creation of the participated members since the meeting thought them many things with regards to plagiarism, markdowns, curation, and power up. These are all skills that were given with the hopes of experiencing a better steem lifestyle from hence. The various achievements that newbies are expected to go through for their growth are hereby emphasized.
Conclusively, the meetup has well improved and enlightened us with the skills needed to make steem the blockchain platform to cause significant transformation in the lives of people. It's a new week here again. I am with a conviction that, greater milestone will be achieved with all the given skills from this meetup. Our steem promotional activities are on the verge of getting better to make steem well known here in Ghana.

In this regard, we express so much gratitude to all members for their engagement in the virtual meeting that planned to do justice to some educational information and tutorials required for our growth and improvement on the steem blockchain. We as well say many thanks to all our supporters for their immense guidance and support to help make our stay in the steem ecosystem more useful to others. Thanks to @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @booming @stephenkendal @dorbatim @pennsif for your daily support to all members of our community, Steem Ghana.


Community Leaders;
@oppongk, @njaywan, @mcsamm, @nattybongo


10% of post payouts going out to @steem-ghana & @promosteem.com

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Our meetings are consistently becoming instrumental to the development of Ghanaian steemians especially newbies as it serves as a platform for them to have their questions answered. Thanks for moderating this meeting and making it a success as always.

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