Bad Influence - Lady Smoking

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Anger could make you do things you never would have done when you are in a good state of mind. Learn to control your anger.

For today's drawing, I made use of my favourite medium to sketch a lady smoking with confidence.

This time, the forms were built using vertical strokes giving rise to a different effect like rain drops.




Thank you.

 last year 

You images are always on point, beautiful

Thank you bro. So glad you always love my works. I always try to make meanings out of them.

That's a nice drawing. I see it to be more of sun beams other than rain drops tho. Keep it up man🤜🤛

Oh yeah, that's a good idea. Thanks for your comment.

Nice ink drawing. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you bro. I'm glad you like it and it feels good to share it here.

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