Providing Danis with school uniform, writing books and hand sanitizer.

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Hello guys;

I would like to share with you guys how @farhmade, @njaywan and I came across Danis and help provide him with school uniform, writing books and hand sanitizer.


We met Danis last week fetching water so we approached him and asked what are the problems he is facing? He told us that he is only having one school uniform which is very old. So @njaywan, @farhmade and I decided to provide him with uniform. Fortunately for us the mother is a seamstress so the only thing we have buy is the materials. Danis led us to his so spoke the mother. After the mother took his measurement she then the told us the quantity of material we will be buying and cost. We sent her the money via mobile money and she promised us to give us a phone call after she is done with the uniform.



Today we received a call from Danis’s mother that she has finished sewing the uniform so we quickly went to her place check. When going we bought some writing books and hand sanitizer in addition to the uniform.

Danis and his mother were very happy to see us. Immediately we got there Danis wore the uniform to take pictures with us.



We plan to help more people in the near future so @njaywan has created a charity account which is purposely for charity work. The name of the account is ghana-care.

Thanks for your time.


Great work done guys. I really enjoyed doing this 😍

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Thank you

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Dennis must be a happy boy. Thanks for this charity work

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