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Hello wonderful people of this community. I hope everyone is doing just fine. Thanks to Steemit for the life changing opportunity it has offered many of us. Credits to @njaywan and @avagah for their support all this time. I have been working on a t-shirt design to promote the Steemit platform and the Steem Ghana community. I am sharing this idea here first and ask about your views on the design idea amongst other things.

When I first joined the Steemit platform, I had the privilege to meet @avagah and @njaywan (country rep) a number of times. In one of these meetings, @njaywan handed me a Steemit branded t-shirt and I so much appreciated it.

I was inspired by this idea and decided to take the same initiative. Having introduced a number of newbies to the platform, I just feel it’s right to do something just like @njaywan did for me for the newbies and any other interested users of the platform all aimed at promoting the Steemit platform.

I began working on the design idea about a week ago and this is what I’ve done so far. Take your time to examine and please comment your views and critic if necessary.

Sample A (Front)

This was the first design


Sample B (Front)


Sample C (Front)


Sample D (Front)


Sample E (Front and back)


I’m still working on the design for the back of the first four design samples. Please vote on which design sample I should select and also suggest any idea too in the comment box.

Thanks for reading and hope you will get a copy once it’s ready😎.



 9 months ago 

Nice designs, cute and sleek

Wow, those are very nice designs.

Wow, those are very nice designs.

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