Putting smiles on the faces of orphans.10% to @steemghana

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Hello everyone,Muhammad kasib here again with another diary session.Today was such an amazing day I woke up around 11am this morning went through my socials then about an hour later I went and had my bath,brushed and prayed.Today was the day we were going to the orphanage,it was something we planned my friends and i since our return from school to do a charity program and that’s putting smiles on the face of the needy.We’ve been planing it for about a week now discussing how we’d actually do it.We made contributions to fund the program and decide on a particular day we’d be paying them a visit and that’s today.
Around 3pm Which was the agreed time we all would converge at a designated location so we all could go there as group but I was kinda late due to some few reasons but made it there 30 minutes later.
We got to the the children’s home which made me moody (sad) upon seeing the orphans,it was one of my saddest experiences ever seeing toddlers(lactating babies) with no parents which had me so grateful for mine.The kids were so adorable,cute and so lovely.They were so happy seeing us and I was so happy for that.We donated the item and spoke with the person in charge of the home,





she was so happy we came to donate and even explained how everything in the children’s home was run.She said they even had grown up in the home but they had gone for work so we didn’t meet them.I made a couple of friends with some kids
and we even interacted so much


Sometimes I get so pissed about how the world is,I wish I had the power to end suffering for the less privileged and make the world a better place.To honest i imagined my life as such without having a mother or a father who isn’t around to show me love,care for me and support me whenever,it really broke my heart but I promised to keep them in my prayers.

We spent almost an hour there and it was time to leave so we said our goodbyes hoping to come back to donate some more.



Here is us leaving


I made some stops to get some petty stuffs and buy food to break my fast with,but was still thinking of the experience I went through today.
I got home about 6:30pm broke my fast and prayed.
My friends and I agreed to keep doing this act of kindness and supporting them little by little with anything we’ve got and I pray Allah caters for them and see them through this life.Amen

Thanks @steem-ghana .

 3 years ago (edited)

I had a good feeling, i hope you did too.
Thanks for being part of this wonderful initiative.

 3 years ago 

Made me feel good too as a human and giving back to the society,those kids deserve the best

 3 years ago 

Great job guys. Keep sharing the Steem love.
Steem on

 3 years ago 

Thanks for the good words fam

Good works guys...keep it up 👍

 3 years ago 

Would do thank you

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