Donation Exercise to the Tamale Children’s Orphanage Home as way of giving back to charity

in Steem Ghana3 years ago

Hello steemians

It was a great pleasure with the help of my team to come together to put something together for the orphanage home. My team did a great for orphans .


On my resent post I talk about how we go the items which we all know about now . If you could remember I talk about all what happened in the market an now am am here again to tell how it was successful with us donating the items to the orphans related you can relate it to my resent post .

Most of us gathered at @farhmade house we kept the things we bought for the Donation just to park it in an okada so that we can send it to the orphans home . It was fun parking and making noise around this showed how happy it is for helping people especially the orphans
Meet my people I mean my team Mates @farhmade, @humble1,@bibsonhabib, @chenty,@sparta5005, @silencewan ,@abu78 ,@roma078, @kasib07 , @arahman ,@fathiafatawu, @massachussets
This just some my team I pray God bless them alll.

Pictures we took at the orphanage











We had a nice day together I pray God bless all of us all as all may his blessing follow us to any where . Thank you for your attention and love .

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