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@ghanacare is a new charity account that has been established by @njaywan in collaboration with ghanaian steemians to help touch lives within the country. Steem has had an enormous positive impact in the lives of many individuals across the world which is why we also want to help better the lives of the less privileged in society.

We hope to raise funds for our campaigns through the author rewards gathered by this account as well as the beneficiary rewards our steemians would donate.


With Ghana Care Foundation, we hope to allocate some steem towards supporting people in our various localities who might not necessarily have the means to do so.

For instance in Navrongo, the standard of living for most people is quiet low and the villagers face lots of challenges in carrying out their day to day activities. As such, any little effort we can put towards helping out such people is of great essence and can contribute massively to a better standard of living for these people.

We therefore intend to utilize the allocated funds effectively in vital areas that will help improve the standard of life of ghanaians. These areas include healthcare, education, orphanages, people with disabilities and other worthy causes.


To kickstart our activities, we are going to start our first campaign here in the Navrongo community in the Upper East Region of Ghana. This is because, this is the commonest illness you can find here within the community. And currently, it has only one operational hospital (War Memorial hospital) with one ambulance allocated for the entire district. This greatly hinders quality healthcare within the community.

One main cause of malaria here is the nature of buildings here in the community. This is because they are made of mud and mostly without doors. And when it rains, water gets collected in various pot holes within the soil serving as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

What we intend to do with this first campaign is to educate the households about these causes of malaria and provide them with some mosquito nets that will aid them in sleeping comfortably. Proper education on its usage will also be given so that they will be utilized effectively.

Any form of support or assistance that can be rendered to support this cause is warmly appreciated.

Thank you for your time

CR Ghana

cc- @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemitblog.

 3 years ago 

This is a perfect initiative. I am available to help make these intentions come to pass. 👏👏

 3 years ago 

This is beautiful, charitable works are indeed a great way to also impact lives through steem, you are visionary indeed, keep up the good work

We really love charity work and I think it is good way to have this Community so that we can promo the spirit of given to the less privilege ones.

My pleasure 😁 and support, CR - Ghana

 3 years ago 

The society needs us more, giving back is needful. Thanks

 3 years ago 

Nice initiative

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