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Hello everyone. Never give up in life always believe that you will always make it no matter how hard the journey it’s and I will like to share with you guys how I spend my Saturday.

I woke early today and when I woke up and went to the washroom to wash my face and perform ablution for fair prayers after I was done prayer I went back to the washroom to perform to brush my teeth and bath in addition after I was done bathing I clear up the dripping water from my body and I put my clothes on and was ready for the day after that I took my breakfast and I was in the room alone and my friend called he wanted to come to my place that I should come to his place and we go to my house together and from there on our way to our house he told we should pass by joint he wanted to buy food and we went to our house and he ate his food.

When I came out of my room early in the morning

from there I went to town to check out something and I didn't find what I wanted to buy from there I went back home and I was just in the room my friend called and told me I should accompany him to the market he was going to buy some stuff and I went to his place and picked his up and we went to town and he bought the stuff and return home.

That was when we were done buying our stuff and we were going home

from there I didn't go home straight I went to the road and I seat with friends on the roadside and in the process of that I took pictures and from there we went to the football pick to do some training after we were done training we all went that was how I spend my Saturday.

When we were done training and we were on our way going home

I will like to thank every one of you for taking you time to always go through my post.


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