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Greetings everyone, I hope and believe we are doing great and hoping for everything to be in the best move.

I am delighted to share with everyone in this community yet another donation or charity work I and other great Steemians in the likes of our able and hardworking country rep @njaywan and @marwone undertook


Today been a great day and happens to be the birthday of our country rep @njaywan, we thought it wise of giving back to charity as a way of Thanking God for another year added.

Therefore we targeted the children’s home in the Upper East region of Ghana which is located very far from our school of study.

After lectures this afternoon, we organized ourselves and left in a tricycle which is mostly the means of transportation to that particular location of the children’s home.


The journey was quite interesting and very loving because it was actually our first time of traveling to that side of upper east.
The road been very dusty with a lot of potholes and bridges.
It was also scary in a way because it was completely bare land we could see as in no houses around or something.


The whole or complete journey was actually about one hour and some minutes let’s say about 39 minutes depending on the level of speed you will use.

At a point we had to rest and free up ourselves then continue again with our journey because we were very tired siting through the rough road.

We set off again and this time with full speed till we got to the location of our visit.

The town is actually a cool place with a siren environment and very cool for children who turned out to be orphanages to live in.

It was really touching upon seeing the children with smiles on their faces and very happy to see us.

We finally got to the place by the Grace if God and met the in charge to give out our details and our purpose of visit.



Upon getting in touch with the in-charge, she was very happy and was lost with words and didn’t know what to say but just to express her gratitude to our donations made.





The items we donated included clothes, bags of sachet water, and some drinks*


We actually wanted to add more to this few mentioned above but the strength wasn’t there enough but we will still try our best to visit them again and this time we will make sure more items are donated to help cater for the orphans in the children’s home.



We won’t stop here just like that but will put in much efforts to help touch the lives of people with Steem so as to help better the needy and the poor lives.

Thank you for your humble attention

 3 years ago 

Well done guys!! As i always say, IT IS ONLY ALLAH THAT CAN BLESS YOU IN RETURN.

 3 years ago 

Thank you very much my pleasure

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