Putting Smiles on the Faces of Orphans at Tamale Children’s Home by a Donation of Food and Drinks. 10% to @ghanacare.

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10% of this post goes to @ghanacare

Greetings everyone, Happy Eid celebration to all of us on this great platform.

As stated earlier the Steemians based in Tamale the Northern Region of Ghana decided to embark on a Donation exercise to the Tamale Children’s home as a way of celebrating this year’s Eid-is-Fitr.


The initiative was brought up by We the Steemians of Tamale through consultations with our country reps and MODs.


This is a way we can use Steem to better the life’s of individual most especially orphans since they have no one to cater for them.


The items bought included 2 bags of 25kg of rice, a gallon of cooking oil, a box of spaghetti, 2 tins of tomatoes paste, some packs of drinks and bottled water and bags of sachets water.



The funds used to for purchasing these items was raised through a contribution from 12 Steemians in which we all paid an amount of 70ghc.



This is our first time in making donations after few months of joining this platform, we are hoping of embarking of more of such activities since Steem has come to better the life’s of We individuals.

I am thereby grateful to everyone who graced this occasion. Our efforts, time and support are duly appreciated.




Your contributions to this project is really appreciated.
I am looking forward to doing more of such activities with you and everyone in this platform.


Thank you for your humble attention


I was so happy seeing these kids. Always be grateful if you still live with your parents. It’s not easy out there. This is one of the reasons why steem is here. We hope to embark on bigger projects than this.

 3 years ago 

Surely bro

This was a wondeful initiative.
I hope we will be able to reachout to more children in the future.

 3 years ago 

Yeah bro
Surely we will

 3 years ago 

May Allah grant you the blessings

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