The diary game: July 5th 2022: just another day at the shop: #club100

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Hello readers, welcome to my post. Today was no different from the other days. All the activities that were done today were nothing new to me but I still want to post anyway so you'll know how it went for me today.

Since I'll be leaving home for school soon, I'm really trying my best to help my mum with the work at the shop. It gets kind of difficult at there sometimes, with the lifting of heavy boxes and things such as that. Sometimes too, lots of people come to buy things at a time and it can get really tiresome and frustrating if you're the only one doing the selling.
I got to the shop around 7am today and arranged all the things.


at the shop. Photos of some of the things sold at our shop

Since it rained earlier in the morning, market was a bit slow because hadn't come out of their homes to the market yet. The market only got lively around 1pm when the sun slowly came out of it's hiding place.

I ran a lot of errands today but I didn't mind at all. It's like that sometimes. There are days that I sit at the shop the whole time without getting sent.

Unfortunately, there was a power cut and from what we heard, it had affected a lot of the places in Obuasi.
When it was around 5pm, the place was getting dark so we decided to pack and leave.
My mum called my dad who then came to pick us.


Going home

When we got home, my mum and I worked on the fish she bought from the market. We cleaned them and fried them.




(from top to down) photos showing the frying process of the fish

After all these, I went to take a shower and found some food to eat, rice and soup.


what I ate for supper. It was super nice😁

I later played a couple of games and listened to some of my favourite songs just to relax because I was a little tired and stressed out from the work I did at the shop.



playing games. I manage Middlesborough now😁😁😂

That's how I spent my day, hope you enjoyed reading. God bless us all ❤🌹🙏🏾


wooooooaw, you really enjoyed the day. The fish is looking tasty and I have started salivating already.

Thanks for sharing

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