The Diary Game : July 1st, 2022: Just a Normal Day, bank, packaging:#club100(burnsteem25)

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Hello once again, hope you're all doing alright.
In my last post, I talked about running an errand and getting a package which was to be shipped. Unfortunately we couldn't wrap them up because of the rain and other incidents.
Well, we finally wrapped them up today and sent them successfully. But before talking about all that, I want to share with you something about how my day went and I hope I don't bore you at all.
Today was quite fascinating at the shop because market was good, though it rained heavily.
I think the rain's timing was pretty poor today because all the customers had come and left before the rain came😂, or maybe it didn't mean to come and ruin the market today 🤔 but it usually does that a lot during these rainy times.

My day started when I was told to go to the bank in the morning, again. My mum usually sends money to a partner who buys the things for her and later sends them to our shop. She used to send the money through the mobile money vendors but since since E-levy came, she's been sending them via banks, especially the one I usually go to because of affordable charges. The money I was sent to send was Ghc5000 which is equivalent to about $619 at the current rate.


the cash to be sent

As usual, the transaction was smooth. I met a few people around today so I spent a little time there but it wasn't that long to make me frustrated like it happens in other banks.



people were making their transactions so I had to wait in line

After sending the money, I went to our shop to help my mum and sister. There are a lot of heavy boxes at our storage room so anytime I'm around, I make sure to convey such things from the storage to the main shop when they get or on the verge of getting exhausted. When I'm too tired or not around, my mum has people who do this work for money. I also helped with the selling and packaging of some purchased stuff.


a customer

We closed a little early today because we had to go home and start the wrappings and also prepare for church the next day. We packed around 4pm and got home around 4:15.


Going home 🏡

We started working on the smoked and salted fishes as soon as we got home. It actually took us a while before we finished with everything and I was very tired after the work. We first wrapped the salted ones before the smoked ones.


wrapping the salted fish



how they look like after being wrapped

I showered and then ate some rice. I continued a movie I started in the afternoon, "Hustler".


Great movies

It's a nice movie with Adam Sandler as a main character.
I'm yet to watch the second one, the storyline made me interested.

I think this is all I can say about how my day went. For me, it was a good day and I'm glad things went about the way it did. I really hope your day was good too, even better.

Thanks for visiting and may God be with us all.🌹🙏🏾🤟🏿


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Peace & Love!

Nice presentation and thank for sharing.

I love fresh fish and I can see you have one there and your are treating it good.

Thanks for sharing

You really had a busy day, thank you for sharing.

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