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My dear brothers and sisters in steemit, how are you all? I hope all of you are in good condition. Today is Sunday, a very special day for Christians. Christians go to Church on Sunday to worship God. During Sundays, they wear their beautiful clothes to church to pray and worship God.

I woke up around 6:00am and cleaned up the entire room and the kitchen. After the cleaning exercise, I took my bath and went to town to meet a friend. On my way to town, I saw him coming on my way. He told me he was on my way to my house so we all went to town together. When we got to town, we went to Maa Mercy chop bar and bought some food. We sat there and ate the food. My friend had a called from his mom so he me his mom wanted to see him so he left me and went home.


@elliamor1's friend

I stayed in the town for some hours with one of my friends who is a store keeper at the station. I came home and rest for a while. My mom came knocking my door so I woke up and attend to her. He told me to weed around the tobacco he planted at the back of the house for her. I did the right job my mom expected from me and went and took my bath.



I helped my mom to prepared food in the kitchen. I took my diet and went to my living room to watch some movies. I spent two to three hours on one movie because of how entertaining the movie was. The movie was a Nigeria movie. I love Nigeria movies a lot, because of it nature. Their movies are very entertaining and very educative.

I finished with the movie and went out from my room and went to town. That was my diary for today, thank you.


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