Air Of Romance

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Air of romance
With its fragrance
Exuding that joy
In the mind like a toy
Broad is the smiles
Seen across miles
When souls inhale
The air that prevails
To keep the soul
Knitted to the soles
Errors are overlooked
When the air is cooked
With joy and hugs
That keeps away thugs
Keeping the mind
Not behind
But on the crest
For pleasant rest

Air of romance
Alters the stance
To eject sin
From the scene
Turning fierce rage
To a fresh page
Where sentiment
Pushes resentment
Away to the corner
Making it former
By new creations
In the gyrations
That celebrate the air
In a glorious fanfare
To show the beauty
Of love in reality.


Nice poem.

Thank you so much

Lovely poem

I enjoyed reading it .

Thanks for sharing.

And thanks to you fir stopping by

 3 months ago 

Great poem elabae. Thanks for sharing With us.

Thank you Sir and most times I feel lucky to be part of this wonderful community.

 3 months ago 

Just beautiful I always enjoyed your writing

Thank you dear and is only steem that will make it reality for us💋💋💋

 3 months ago 

Great one

Thank you dear

 3 months ago 

U welcome

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