Members Retention And Thier Activeness, How Steemit Community Leaders Can Achieve it

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Users on Steemit are important stakeholders, and they are respected because they help to ensure the continued operation of Steemit, and maintain a strong ecosystem with their steem vested. Recently, we've noticed a decrease in user activity on Steemit, even in communities that were previously quite active. I'm delighted there is a chance for everyone to express their views and give recommendations about what Steem Ghana leadership might do to keep members active and re-energize inactive members.

Steemit needs more active members, and their participation is crucial to the platform's success. If we bring in more people without ensuring their stay, we are wasting valuable time. I'd like to take a deeper look at the issue so that it's not just a tip or concept for Steem Ghana, but a meterial that will be valuable to everyone who comes across it.

We all have a role to play in member retention and activity, but I believe community leaders have a much bigger role to play than any other steemian. They have been given the authority to oversee all of the community's operations, and if a member want to participate, it must be in accordance with their directions and guidelines. I would like to suggest the following to leaders to assist retain members while ensuring their active participation:


Giving More Steem and Steemit Education, Keeping Members Informed of Any Steemit Development
To keep members well informed or educated, community leaders should post more educational and informational content with community accounts. Many steemians are still lack basic insight into how Steeemit works, therefore their viewpoint will differ significantly from that of individuals who are more familiar with the platform's operations.

To many who regard Steemit as only a money-making site, the current #Club5050, for example, appears to be strange and stringent. #Club5050 is a nice project that is promoting the growth of steem power in numerous accounts, however some people aren't aware of the full goal behind it. In this regard they will need to be enlightened more else they will refrain from active posting.


Giving Supports and Becoming "Guides" Especially for newbies
If we want to keep members in our Steemit communities, we must all become guides, especially Steemit community leaders. It's difficult to grasp the entire concept of the steem blockchain and keep up with Steemit concepts in the smallest amount of time. Many people leave Steemit because they are lonely on their quest.

We won't be able to keep anyone if everything is about us, and it's constantly about posting without providing the necessary support to steemians, particularly newcomers. In order to keep newcomers, Steemit leaders must offer steem meetups, radio shows, and give assistance to deal with challenges members experience. Upvotes should be provided to everyone, not just those who have delegated to the community.


Building a Strong Steem Power, Making Steem Communities Self Sustaining
On Steemit what boost people's morale and instill in them the need to keep posting is the upvotes they receive whenever they post good contents. Everyone of us becomes discouraged if we continue to post but receive no upvotes. If everyone is able to receive a significant number of upvotes on their post, the need to continue posting or being active will not diminish. As a result, we must all work together to build a strong steem power in order to properly reward new users and all steemians. Community leaders must be focused on growing their own steem power and entreat members to do same, as they cannot always rely on curators support to keep members active.


Organizing Inesteresting Activities And Rewarding all Participants
To keep members engaged, most communities use contests and challenges. A contest can be a great way to keep a community busy and members involved, but if done incorrectly, it can also deter participation. Contests or challenges should be simple to participate in and fascinating enough to pique everyone's interest.

Again, as a method of showing appreciation for efforts, everyone should be rewarded for participating in any community activity.
If the above recommendations, I believe it will be lot easier bringing on board newcomers, inactive members and also maintaining the active ones.

We must also recognize that community building is a group effort rather than an individual endeavor, and I would encourage every member of any community to play their part; collectively, we can build a stronger community.



I have read through your post and i could only agree that you have made strong recommnedations which is not only ideal for steem-ghana but for all other steemit communities.

As much as I agree with you that community leaders are the ones to help the ecosystem, I also think all members have an active role to play by using the steem power the accumulate to upvote others on the blockchain and to also give valuable comments.

Thanks for sharing.

 2 years ago 

I'm glad to know you also share the same thoughts, thanks for your nice comment

You have been curated by @nattybongo, country representative (Ghana). We are curating using the steemcurator04 curator account to support steemians in Africa.

 2 years ago 

Great entry bro, we need to organize another meetup soon those kinds of activities definitely does a lot of good to our member retention

 2 years ago 

Yes, meetup gives us the opportunity to share useful experiences and create a sense of belonging

Every word are self explanatory👍

 2 years ago 

Thanks for reading @kemfon

Great work @collinz! Thanks so much for this information. My pleasure 😃

 2 years ago 

you are welcome

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