Sample T-shirt design for Steem Ghana by @calipo09

in Steem Ghana2 years ago

Hello steemians of this wonderful community. It’s been a while I have made a post in this amazing community due to some challenges I was facing. However, I have come back with full vim for us to steem together.
After joining steemit and knowing the goodies that steem comes with I decided to promote steem Ghana in my own way as a graphic designer.
I created a design for a t-shirt sample which I think when printed will go a long way to promote steem.


steemgh tshirt.jpg


stgh tshirt.jpg

I believe we can promote steem Ghana and steemit as a whole in our own ways like I have done. I hope the country representatives will take into consideration of this piece
Cc: @njaywan, @oppongk, @nattybongo

 2 years ago 

This is beautiful, no steemit logo though, you did great bro, thanks for the nice suggestion

I will try adding it in my next design. Thanks for the complement though.

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