Dairygame 16/04/2021 My Thursday activities

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Thursdays are usually a busy days in my area since it is a market day and a day where rural people who are farmers bring their food stuffs to the market.
For me I go to teach after which I go to the market.
As I waked up today my schedule was to attend a summit at Sekyedumase in the Ashanti Region of Ghana with my Rev. Minister where we discussed issues concerning our church.
The meeting was held at the National Scripture Union Retreat Center
Thanks to technology, one issue was sent via WhatsApp and most of members were fully on their phones.

My District Minister busily on his phone
As part of the meeting, I was called to explain some strategies we are employing at our district. Waiting to answer a question been asked
Some guest were leaving the Meeting they were Regional Manager of Schools
Around 3:00pm we recess to have our lunch
It was either fufu with light soup or Rice and soup
After the lunch delegates had some few minutes to socialize themselves
We get back for sitting which was the last session of the meeting around 4:00pm


The meeting will be closing around 7:30 pm where delegates will be departing back to their various destinations

 26 days ago 

I think the meeting was successful one looking at the scenes here. There was a lot of crowds. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

My pleasure 😁

You welcome