The Diary Game - My Daily Activities on Campus Today and the Color Festival (29/07/2022)

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Greetings everyone, and here is another piece of my daily activities on Friday which I would like to share with everyone on here. As usual, I woke up early morning and offered my prayers, then had to get prepared immediately for my morning lecture. The lecture started at 7:00 am so there was no time for me to waste.

During Morning Lecture

After two hours of the lecture, it was time to return back to the hostel and freshen up, rest a bit and then prepare for Jummah prayers. Around 12:00 pm it was time for me to begin my walk to the prayer grounds since it is a bit far from my hostel. When we finished with the prayers I waited for my roommate and friends so that we can head back to the hostel.

At The Prayer Grounds

When we arrived at the hostel, everyone was very tired so took a nap since we need to have full energy for our color festival. The color festival was actually a health walk organized by the school hostel to helped students exercise themselves while they listen to music on their way.

Waiting For My Friends After Prayers

We started the walked around 5:pm and we walked for about 1 and half hours from the school and back to the hostel. I must say,… it was really fun and involving but we also got the chance to exercise our body since most people don’t get to do it everyday.

In fact, I have decided to start taking a walk every once in a while or try to make it a daily activity. I think it’s a very good way to exercise and keep the body healthy and in good shape. I would also strongly recommend this to everyone, we should find a way we can do regular exercises to keep our bodies strong and healthy always.

At The Color Festival Walk

So after the walk, we all headed back to our hostels. I decided to take a quick shower and cleaned all the color that might have covered my hair and body. After the shower, I had my supper and decided to offer my evening prayers.

Refreshment After Supper

The rest of the evening, I decided to take some rest and then ended up writing a diary post for my today’s activities. Thank you for visiting my post, see you next time.


Nothing stresses me more than a lecture at 7am in the morning.😅it takes a lot of courage to attend that class.

 last year 

Lectures are always amazing when the lecturer doesn't take long in class😄. I loved that when I was at the University. Keep learning hard and don't forget to share your experiences with us. Keep power up always. Stay blessed


Thank you for sharing with us friend. Try to engage in alot of activities on the platform. Thank you for sharing with us. We wish you well.


 last year 

I believe this color festival was not a joke but rather a great one and hope you enjoyed to the maximum.

Greetings bro.

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