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Hello Steemians !


I am humbly deligthed to join this contest organise by my friend @farhmade , infact my journey in steemit is great achivement that if i choose to share it all i might be able to write up a book.

First of all let me start from how i got into crypto currrency , after living high scholl i decided to find a part time job where i can be earning something little a part from what my parents gives me , in that research i discovered this site that demande me to invest some ammount of money so that i can be getting some bonuses each week , as a blind man in the industry i joined the system and got phished, after this experience i was discouraged doing any online hustle till i came to the university and met my frien @njaywan who had muc experience in crypto than me , he introduced me to forx and we started trading though i recorded some losses but nevr gave up until one day @njaywan called me from home and spoke to me about steemit which is a bloging site , personlly i was a blogger so he told me i could monitize my talent better on steemit , i finally agreed and signed up and that was the beginning of my life transformation.


After i started blogging on steemit for a while let's say in a month time i was able to cash out an ammount of GHC 2500 , and this money was used to buy more gadgets for my media house i have been dreaming to build, also after so many of my friends in the university heard about the ammount i cashed out they where eargered to join the steemit and i beleive that is the key point that increased the steen Navrongo population.



Another thing that changed in my living is that i see myself to be less dependant on my parents because i get some reasonable ammount from steemit every week that can sustain me through out , coming back to my business i have been able to set up a multi purpose studio in my university that is currently the first class photography , videography sector , i wont forget my busnisess partners who are also steemians.



Finally i will like to share with the entire steeamians on this paltform that i have been able to invest in so many coins , so now i can call my self a trader and a Hodler , loving to trade crypto and having no funds will always make you sad but then through steemit i have been come a good trader , especially with the lesson i attained from crypto academy.

 last year 

That’s a great transformation you have buddy, it’s beautiful reading your life transformation.
Thank you very much for your entry

My pleasure

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