The diary game:12/01/2022: Took mom to the hospital for her appointment

Hello 😊, I’d love to share with you how I took my mom to Korle Bu teaching hospital for an appointment.

The day before the appointment, I had to leave from Ashaiman to Madina so we could leave early in the morning.

The day of the appointment, We had to chat with a taxi driver to get us to the hospital because she was feeling weak and couldn’t cope with the bumpy road if we used public transport.

The taxi

When we got to the hospital, I took her to the Radiology department where we had the appointment.

Radiology department

I then booked for a review with the doctor and went to pay for it.

Payment center

After waiting in line for like an hour, we were called to see the doctor. We spoke on how they said they’d sit for a meeting to discuss her case and later get back to is but we never heard from them and have been coming to the hospital for a month now.

The doctor

The doctor then said how he was sorry for it and that they had been to the meeting twice but the dental department which was supposed to be part of the discussion wasn’t showing up for it so we needed to go to them to let them come to the meeting so they could finalize and find the best remedy for her condition.

He then prescribed some meds for her so it could help with the pain.

From there, we then booked an appointment at the Dental center to see a doctor and complain to them how we had been there for a while yet we still haven’t been treated with seriousness.

We sat in a line and waited for our turn to meet the doctor.

Waiting point

We were called in and I explain what had happened and how long we’d been there yet we weren’t treated with seriousness. The doctor apologized and took our files and met with the specialist over there and told me they would be going for the meeting this time around and they promised to do so. The doctor took my contact and said she’d inform me of the outcome of the meeting.

We then left there and took the taxi which brought us to the hospital to take us home.

The taxi

We then left to home, but the road was dull of traffic and we delayed for a while.

In the taxi

We got home and paid the driver. I then went to the pharmacy to find formula food for her since she couldn’t eat solid food because of the pain in her mouth.

The pharmacy

I then called it a day, thank you for reading and I wish you all the best… Don’t forget to say a prayer for my mom as even a single word could make a difference.

The doctor texted me today saying they hat for the meeting and would be discussing her issue next week Wednesday.

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