The diary game:04/01/2022: Boring Tuesday

Hello 👋, I’d love to share with you how my day transpired

I woke up to a running stomach early in the morning(I could swear I ran more than Usain Bolt), my stomach main all those uneven drummings and humming 🤦🏽

I had to visit the White House before I was caught red-handed with Obama 😂😂

I then prayed and was met by laundry right after all the marathons I had been through 😕. The issue wasn’t the washing but the material being washed was the issue, I mean if it was anything it would be a fair trade but a curtain?? Damn…

Ladies and gentlemen, those curtains officially made me have a phobia for washing 😂 by the time I was done, you can even imagine how tired and miserable I was.

BCED48CA-1242-4751-A047-0B728967A629.jpeg Washing the curtains

After washing all of them, I then dried them, that part was practically my happiest time of the morning.

Curtains on drying line

I then took my breakfast and finally felt like a normal human being.

Later during the day, I was kinda confused as to which food to eat so I decided to cook yam.

Peeling the yam

After peeling, I then set it on the stove to receive some heavenly flames of blessings😊.

Yam on fire

I then re-dried clothes that I washed yesterday but did not fully dry.


I then checked up on my yam and food was ready to be served.

My self prepared yam

Later during the late part of the afternoon, we then prepare to cook for the night. Have you heard of “Rice balls and Peanut Soup”? Well, that's what we prepared for the night 😊.

Dinner in the making

After taking my meal, I went off to watch a football game as the home was boring.

Football watching center

After the game, I then went back home and called it a day.

Thank you for reading ♥️


Sorry for the pain of running stomach. Maybe you can check your body system if you are allergic to some food. Upon all that you did well by engaging yourself with lots of activities like washing and cooking.

Thanks for sharing with us and thanks God for healing you. My pleasure 😃.

Thank you too

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