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The young me would always be disgusted just by hearing it, but the educated me realized it was a compulsory process for us to not go extinct, and this process is menstruation.

So, what is menstruation? it is a monthly breakdown of the uterus wall, the uterine wall houses an egg from the ovaries which is also shed with it. This happens when the egg is not fertilized by sperm or put more simply when what is called pregnancy does not occur.

This process happens monthly in every woman from the ages of 12years and is stopped by a phenomenon called menopause at the ages of 45years and above.

From the above stated, you'll notice the importance of this process since it plays a major role in the life of a man or a woman. It shows that eggs that are not fertilized will be discharged and other ones will replace them (we all know how fresh is always the best).

Menstrual Cycle

This term is used to describe the series of events that happens when menstruation kicks start to next menstruation. The average day it takes is usually 28 days but can sometimes persist to 35 days.

These events are caused by the release of hormones in the female body

Menses Phase: this is the time when blood flows from the female vagina as a result of the egg not being fertilized by a sperm, this can last for 5 days and can be up to two weeks.
Follicular Phase: this is the time when the lining of the uterus recovers from the shedding and thicken. This is also a time when the eggs develop.
Ovulation: this happens after the uterine wall has recovered and the egg develops, at this Phase, a hormone is released to stimulate the release of the developed egg to receive the male sperm for conception.
Luteal Phase: this takes place when the released egg from the ovary begins to move through the fallopian tube to journey to the uterus. Since the uterus has been preparing in anticipation for a sperm to fertilize the egg is released, it waits for the fertilized egg to attach itself to the uterine wall, and if not the Menstrual Cycle begins again.

From the above, a person can see the importance of menstruation and should be able to embrace ladies that go through it rather than stigmatize them or look at them with disgust.

I do know a lot of boys are rather interested in the safe period ladies 😂😂.

Well, a safe period is a time when there is no developed egg to receive sperm for fertilization. This happens right after the Menses Phase when the probability of getting pregnant is low.

Once the egg is released, it can survive for 24hours and the sperm can survive up to 5 or more days.

Contraceptives only delay the release of the egg or slow down its journey in the fallopian tube, it also slows down the movement of the sperm so it exhausts its lifespan before having the chance to fertilize an egg.


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