Alright covid, wrap it up

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Since little corona made its debut in 2020, it has had more goals than Lionel because it shows no mercy.

From quarantining the English Premier League to snatching the stance of the champions league, it’s made everyone come to a standstill.

Life’s lost, friends gone, families turn to memories, livelihoods in a mess, dreams shattered, it no doing to say that corona is an enemy that possesses a threat akin to a world war. But it has devastated lives and still.

Scientists on the frontlines battling with this deadly to find a vaccine, yet ever there’s a breakthrough, the virus has its breakthrough. It’s as if the virus waits for the perfect time for us to see a new variant.

Even though man is the dominant species on the planet, we’re being beaten by a virus because of our negligence. This speaks volumes of how much we should be vigilant of the little things that we neglect.

Businesses and jobs have been affected gravely, it's time for a new academic year, where's the money to pay for school fees, hostel fees? Sigh...

Science has proven to be the undying general of man, man should also play its part by observing all the covid-19 protocols so we have a better chance at defeating this virus.



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