List of the active contests on Steemit Weekly (105 STEEM+)!

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Currently "Steemit Weekly" is hosting 10 different contests in nine communities. The total prize pool is at least 105 STEEM, but as more than one article might be selected in each category, it can grow up to 150 STEEM.

You all may participate in as many contests as you want to. There are no limits for the participants. I would be especially grateful if everyone could join the promotion contest and help me to spread the news about the newspaper - that way you will increase the chance that the newspaper will become successful and successful "Steemit Weekly" means more contests and higher rewards 😉

Previous editions:

N°1/2021 "Culture"

Download: OPEN
Read online: OPEN
N°2/2021 "Nature"

Download: OPEN
Read online: OPEN

Thanks to all the curators who up-votes our posts, especially steemcurator01 - without you all, continuing this project would be impossible. I'm very grateful for your support!


List of the active contests:

American History Venezolanos Steem2.07 - 9.07
Historical buildings Steemit Weekly2.07-9.07
Photo Cover World of Xpilar2.07-9.07
History of Science Steem Challenge2.07-9.07
History of emancipation Steem LGTBIQ+2.07-9.07
Mini workshopsSteem Skillshare2.07-9.07
History of art Zero to Infinity2.07-9.07
Historical person Steem Bangladesh2.07 - 9.07
Historical event Steem Pakistan2.07-9.07
Promotion contest 15 STEEM Steemit Weekly28.06 - 5.07
might be extended

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