WOX-HELPFUND donerer 600 STEEM til Victor Acosta and Judith de Acosta med diagnosen COVID-19

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@mleclaret is the one who has asked for support for his aunt and uncle for the purchase of medicines for the diagnosis COVID-19

Here is some of the statement from @mleclaret

Víctor Acosta, he is 71 years old, he is a long-term hypertensive patient, he also suffers from a prolapse in the mitral valve, which means that he has prolonged cardiac arrhythmias, in short due to Covid-19, he presents a lot of cough and that cough causes cardiac arrhythmia to be agitated.

His wife Judith de Acosta is 65 years old, she suffers from pneumonia due to many previous and poorly cured pneumonia, and a product of Covid-19, and how weak her lungs are already, when she walks, it gives her a lot of cough .

Medical examination
Both are admitted to a clinic called La Gloria, each consultation costs $ 40, and the treatments or medications they receive are very expensive, and they do not have the resources to pay for such treatments.

Victor Acosta

Judith de Acosta

The treatment was bought, the oxygen cylinders were recharged, since the ones I mentioned before needed oxygen, radiography and said treatment, therefore I present here an appendix to everything that so far goes to their expenses.

Recipes with other medical treatment

Bills / medicines

Earlier support has been given to Carla García with 1000 Steem with the diagnosis-covid-19

The board of Wox-Helpfund has decided to help Victor Acosta and Judith de Acosta, we donate 600 Steem to buy vials of Remdesivir.
Steem has now been transferred to @alfredogarc

We wish Victor Acosta and Judith de Acosta a good recovery
the board of @wox-helpfund
@the-gorilla @the100 @adeljose @sultan-aceh @xpilar

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Hopefully he can help with his donation.
And I wish him a speedy recovery.

Prayers of hope, May these two mothers, Víctor Acosta and Judith de Acosta, get well soon ...amiiin .🤲

Even though we are of different ethnicity and nationality, we are still brothers. From Aceh, I, @village-hery, also pray for the hope that these two mothers will recover quickly and can carry out their activities as usual.

Que el Padre Creador de Luz y Amor envuelva a Víctor Acosta y Judith de Acosta, con su radiante energía de Sanación.
May the Father Creator of Light and Love envelop Víctor Acosta and Judith de Acosta, with his radiant energy of Healing.

Greetings @xpilar, thank you for this humanitarian aid project. Thanks to your entire work team, and to all the people who have helped.
Greetings and blessings.

I am enormously grateful for the support provided to my uncles, and they also send their thanks, because it was a great contribution to the recovery of both, right now they continue to improve, and they as well as I send them many blessings.

Please how can I buy please

These are very commendable initiatives. Which cannot be done by everyone. Thank you for working to improve human health

The @ wox-helpfund project has shown that with Steemit we can do great things, such as helping to improve people's health.

I hope it continues to provide great benefits to those most in need.

Hola xpilar. Que bonita y humanitaria acción en pro de los mas necesitados. Dios te los recompensará en mucha salud y prosperidad. Saludos.
#onepercent #venezuela

The Medicine in such poor countries are very limited and expensive. For people without insurance it is a huge financial strain.Hopefully it will help the family to get better.

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