We welcome you all to this week's issue of #talkchannel in the WORLD OF XPILAR Community ,Theme this week: ***"100 DAYS OF STEEM"***( week29)

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The idea of ​​"Talk Channel"

Maybe many of us want a place we could only talk about loosely and firmly. Ask questions about things we wonder about, for example, about the STEEM community or other things. That's why we want to create a post with "talk channel" Just talk to some or ask questions

The post"Talk Channel" will be posted weekly, every Monday and is open to everyone the whole week. And there we should all appreciate comments and responses to each other.
Yes, we need to talk to each other as well

Theme this week: "100 DAYS OF STEEM"

What does it mean for Steem, you and for the local community with the great launch "100 DAYS OF STEEM" which is now ending.

The "1000 Days of Steem" will continue to delight us

What is your experience with steem curators?

And what is your own experience as a steem curator

@steemingcurators - @steemcurator02
[STEEM POD Special Project] - @steemcurator03
@acostaeladio - @steemcurator04
@steem-supporter - @steemcurator05
@vipnata - @steemcurator06
@roadofrich - @steemcurator07
@stef1 and @art-venture - @steemcurator08

The image was created by JK_HGZ from Pixabay.com

In the "talk channel" we or you can also post a topic that needs a review, for example tools on Steem or other things you want to know about

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Responsibility moderator for "Talk Channel" is @adeljose

@adeljose @art-venture @stef1 @myskye @sultan-aceh
@franyeligonzalez @leveuf @axeman @xpilar


Hi All, nice to join this talk channel, the idea of "100 days of Steem" was really good and I must say it happened in the very difficult time for Steem, when many users were thinking "to leave or not to leave". What I liked:
During this time it was a place where we all could get some information about what the people behind the Steemit Inc think and what they will do, just let people go or try to make something that they stay

It was nice to see some challenges that showed who is still here from the older users, who still care about Steem and who still feel themselves like at home here.

We learnt many people and I am really glad that this event brought us together. As simple users we were supporting each other and I remember the days I spent writing so many comments all around different tags, to make people feel that there are some who cares adn who want them to stay.

100 days of Steem, help to bring new users, but I am concerned that it does not do much for the established users.

As you probably can imagine I do not think that such users will start up doing daily diary, because they never done it and they have their own field of interest that they will continue to develop. In my opinion, we should not forget about them and support them too.

To be a Steem curator is a hard job because one has responsibility in front of Steemit Inc and on other hand for those users who do their best to be rewarded. We wanted to give much more people our support but we are limited and like the french people say "c'est la vie"

It looks like Visual Art will not be supported by Steemit Inc from August on, but we will remain loyal to our Artists, we are not divided into Continents we are all over Steem because Art has no boundaries.

1000 days of Steem, hope there are many other new Ideas in the future of Steem, Cheers, @stef1

 3 years ago 

Hi @stef1

Thank you for your great feedback

Excelente muy bueno para todos.

Gracias por el apoyo amigo @felixmec

 3 years ago (edited)

Hi @xpilar and team WOX!

We have been curating for 6 weeks now with the community account @steemcurator02. It is super rewarding to be able to help people and to know that for some you truly make a difference in their life. In the time we are here, we have build relationships withs some and that is making it hard to curate non-biased. Finding the balance to do good for everyone is definitely something that I underestimated.

Also, the amount of requests for support is a tough one, because you feel like you want to support them all but due to restricted VP it just isn't possible. We like so many people here that it is also very difficult to curate 1 particular topic. So that relates to the balance.

I can understand Steemit when they have mixed feelings about the outcome if the community curators project. You have to tell people EXACTLY what you expect, you can't let people be responsible for something huge if they don't know what to do with it.
They are right that 1 person shouldn't be responsible for a curation account. We had 2 people voting and that still wasn't enough. Now we vote with 3 individuals and I feel that 3 curators in a team is perfect. Easy manageable and you know who voted what.
I hope that they still continue with supporting certain categories as art and music and provide us with these community curator accounts. Artsy people love crypto, and some just don't like to write diaries or put their private life on the blockchain.

We hope to continue curating in August, but with clear instruction from Steemit. Or just that they tell us what they like to achieve, so we can adapt and vote accordingly. Thanks for the discussion!

Agree with @leveuf and I am glad to hear that there are 3 curators because otherwise it is too much, you are doing great job and full of energy and positivity. I hope you will have long way in front of you, thank you for being there for Steem!

 3 years ago 

My admiration for all your efforts and achievements!!
Best wishes for what's to come!!
Big hugs!!

Hello @steemcurator02.

Somehow I understand all the responsibility that comes with the position of Curator, visiting and analyzing each position to support is a strong work, and more in these cases, where the participations have exceeded the objectives.

As a user, I must thank the commitment shown and the good management carried out, #thediarygame is undoubtedly a success of his great team, which came out in the face of a moment of chaos to give way to the growth of those who are rooted in the platform.

May the successes and good work continue.

 3 years ago 

Hello @Xpilar and all the great community on this World!!
It's been hard months witj much uncertainty but finally the initiative 100 days of Steem bring some hope and movement on the platform.

Certainly the Diary Game become fundamental in achieving this, but I think there's also other initiatives as yours doing great work on the retention and creation for the users.

Hard work have been made by lots of people that deserves this platform to continue growing.

Best wishes for all steemians in the futere adventures to come.

 3 years ago 

Hi @leveuf

Thank you for your great feedback

 3 years ago 

Hello @xpilar and the whole community, I think that steemit is in its best moment, they are working very hard for the platform and for supporting all the users, starting with the new users. I think they were very successful with those 100 days and now the 1000 days will surely bring many new things. Great opportunities.

I particularly loved the game in the diary and am looking forward to the second season, I know it will be much better this time!

 3 years ago 

Hi @franyeligonzalez

Thank you for your great feedback

 3 years ago (edited)


Thank you very much @xpilar for inviting us to such an important discussion as curating.
I have a little experience in this, only 2 weeks.
I don't feel hard about it. I try to be fair, as all members of our community deserve additional remuneration.
On average, there are 50 participants who receive remuneration.
There are very good diaries, and there are just weak, 200 words, not very interesting in content. And of course the upvote is different depending on the content.
I am happy that the Steem team is doing everything possible to ensure that participants are covered by the rewards.
We are all waiting for the start of the second season.
And we support the Steem team in all initiatives for the growth of activity and further development of Steem.

We appreciate the commitment and effort they have to support as much content as possible, it is not an easy task, but it is certainly an activity that is grateful for all of us who make life in Steemit at this time.

You are doing great job @vipnata and brought many Russian speaking people together, this is one of the community that never had any support and really deserves it, great job!

Спасибо большое за вашу оценку, мне очень приятно, что вы так считаете. Я очень рада, что многие русскоязычные возвращаются на Стимит и верю, что всех нас здесь ждут хорошие перспективы.

Пожалуйста и слова были действительно от всего сердца, надеюсь что ты получаешь огромное удовольствие от курирование и конечно от общения. У меня по честному времени совсем нет в последнее время поэтому пишу очень редко :)

Спасибо большое, я очень ценю твои слова. Да, я знаю, что за два месяца я сделала большую работу и конечно спасибо всем, кто поддержал меня в проекте дневников. И сейчас я с удовольствием поддерживаю их в рамках курирования, это конечно же большое достижение для русского сообщества.

excellent work

Thank you for your comment, my friend @venziko.

 3 years ago (edited)

Resteemed post! I know very little about it. But you always help me.

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This is a program carried out by the Steemit Team, you can visit and follow @steemitblog to know more about it and participate, you will get a good support.

 3 years ago 

thank you! your program is very beautiful. I also support you.

Thank you! your program
Is very beautiful. I
Also support you.

                 - ahlawat

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Thank you for being awesome! You just got upvoted by the @steemingcurators. We are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator02 account to support the best content on Steemit!

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Thank you very much for your support @steemcurator02, on behalf of the World of Xpilar community.

This sounds like a great idea! A very good forum to ask questions and learn about Steem and Steemit.

In World of Xpilar, we work according to the growth and development of those who participate in it.

Thank you for your comment.

Lots of activities going on on steemit. Good for quantum growth. Communication forum is a great idea.

This is a period that promises a lot of user activity.

This channel is at everyone's service.

Hey nice to see you.
We all have concern with steem, although your a whale, minnow, or bugs, the main point is steem. Steem were on the moon couple of year ago, but the question is why steem is't growing, its price is still at 0.20.
I can't see any fluctutaion. I don't know whats going on but i have my paitience and i have trust on steem.

Cheers, mate.

There is more and more competition in the market, there are many tokens that have made their way into the economic world of the new era, so there is more variety in which to invest, this is one of the reasons why the behavior of Steem is not so variable in the market.

The whales will continue to grow based on the amount of active Steem Power, as usual.

This is just my criteria, I appreciate your participation and question in our communication.

 3 years ago 


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It is exciting to see the interest of the Steemit team to encourage increased publication levels, however I see the extended period of activity as a challenge. For it to be successful, it must be constantly efficient by virtue of ensuring that it gets everyone's attention and that it does not become a messy support project.

I wish all success to this project, Steemit is my favorite place and I would like the best in it.

Hi @nevlu123

I am aware of that and I hope we reach out to more people who should vote for it

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吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


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