"The World of Animals" Great Video Competition number02. The votes are counted and the winners can be seen here who receive a prize of 100 STEEM - 50 STEEM - 25 STEEM

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The Steem community has voted on who wins in the competition

We thank you all for voting on your favorite video

Congratulations to the winners
and thanks to everyone who participated in the competition

1st place wins 100 STEEM

"The protective instinct" VIDEO 01 by @gaborockstar

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2nd place wins 50 STEEM

"A winged visit" - VIDEO 04 by @yusmi

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3rd place wins 25 STEEM

The video shows a day of milking in the eastern plains of Venezuela - VIDEO 5 by @marcybetancourt

The prizes are transferred to all the winners' wallet

There are many prizes, 2000 STEEM can be won in the competition
The "world of animals" competition will last for 8 weeks and for
each week of competition there will be 3 prizes.

Steem Society decides who wins each week

1st place 100 Steem
2nd place 50 Steem
3rd place 25 Steem

After 8 weeks of competition,
anyone who submitted a video will join the main finals.
Steem Society decides who wins in the finals.

The prizes in the final are:
1st place 300 Steem
2nd place 200 Steem
3rd place 100 Steem

World of Animals competition number 03 starts soon


You have no idea how excited I am right now. Thank you @xpilar for inspiring me to make videos again. Thank you to everyone who mentioned me. Greetings to all the participants.

Hi All,

Congratulations to all the winners:

@gaborockstar, @yusmi and @marcybetancourt

thank you all for such great Video submissions!

Thank you @xpilar for organizing such wonderful contest for Steemit Community!

thank you @art-venture

Thanks for the congratulations. I will continue to work on presenting cute videos

Thank's a lot buddy...

Good morning friends, I'm very happy because I won second place in this wonderful contest and it's the first time I've come this close since I've been on the platform and in this competition. I want to thank the organizers and collaborators of this initiative. To the other participants my congratulations and to continue sharing more videos about the animal world. Thanks again to @xpilar, @art-aventure, @sultan-aceh, @reflektor, @hingsten and @bippe ... greetings from Venezuela.

pat the winners ...
congratulation to :

@yusmi and

You are all chosen as champions.
thank you for the unique and interesting video.
who have not been lucky do not be discouraged, continue to work so that one day become a champion.

Highest congratulations to @xpilar for making active, creative and innovative members through the contest.

Best regards

Thank's a lot buddy...

Congratulation all of winners

Thank's a lot buddy...

Resteem post! it is very beautiful work! congratulation

Congratulations to the winner and future winners of your contests @xpilar, your initiative makes the community fun and flourishing with creativity :D

thank you @cryptopie

resteem this post

thank you

Felicidades a los ganadores de este gran concurso, @gaborockstar, @yusmi y @marcybetancourt, muy buenos los videos que compartieron.

Thank's a lot buddy...

Congratulations @gaborockstar for your first place, @yusmi for the second one and @marcybetancourt for the third.
Great videos

Contgratulations for @xpilar and the team for this nice contest.

Thank's a lot buddy...


Hello @xpilar, I am very happy to have reached the podium of the winners in this second edition. I really appreciate the support of each and every member of the community who give to this kind of initiatives that unite us and bring us closer as a global community. From Venezuela my greetings and again my thanks. To all the people who supported my video, may God bless you enormously. . Thanks to the friends @sultan-aceh @art-venture @xpilar @reflektor @hingsten @bippe for the support they give to the World of animals.

Congratulations friend Gabo