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RE: The ice mirror, digital art by @xpilar

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 months ago (edited)

Hi @tramb

WEIGHT it all depends on the strength of your voice

WAIT TIME between 3 to 5 minutes

DAILY LIMIT 1 time per day/24 hours

Limit on Mana 80%, but it depends on your SP


hello @xpilar

thank you so much for your help sir! please review what if my setting :

  1. WEIGHT 33%
  2. WAIT TIME 3 minute
  3. DAILY LIMIT 1 time
  4. Limit on Mana 67.89%

thank you again masterrr @xplilar

It looks ok

@xpilar OMG what a quick flash respond! real master!! thank youuu..

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