How to withdraw Steem from the exchange to your Steemit Wallet

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You need your Memo Key to transfer steem to your steem wallet

Press Keys & Permissions in your steem wallet


Scroll down to the Key titled “Memo.” Copy that long string of characters. That’s your “Memo Key.”


Log in to your Bittrex account:

In the menu in the upper right, press "Holdings"

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Next, type steem in the search box

bittrex bilde 3.jpg

You get this window with STEEM and SBD, press "Withdraw"

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The next window looks like this:

bittrex bilde 5.jpg

The example shows where you enter your memo key and username:

bittrex bilde 5 A.jpg

Now you can go back to your wallet on steem and see the transfer is completed. And you can take a powerup to increase your Steem Power.

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Hi @xpilar this is good tutorial. I often withdraw from bittrex without the memo and its worked too. I didn't know that we can opt for with the memo to withdraw. Thanks for the tutorial. Good day to you 😊

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Thank you @cryptokannon

Previously it was possible without a memo.
Now it is required


But if you cross the "route" you can "Withdraw" without a memo


This is great thanks!

Then you just need to transfer everything to me :)


Thanks! Great tutorial

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thanks @steemcurator02

Thanks for this wonderful post

This tutorial is so helpfull,after changing wallet system lot of steemains don't know how to do it.btw..Thanks for sharing.

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@xpliar thank you for this very detailed tutorial!


@xpilar So helping post sir thanks for sharing

Thank you @xpilar, the info I was just looking for.

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Resteem post! This can help us a lot. to appy steem withdraw

Ini yang saya cari... Thanks for great information Sir...

Very useful, Thank you!

Thank you very much @xpilar, very important information for us.
Have a beautiful week!

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Hi @xpilar
the tutorial is very useful for me, honestly I have never done anything like that. In the future I will do it because I really need SP to vote posts steemean friends all

Very good information.

It will be of great support to those who have assets there.

Thank you for sharing @xpilar


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thanks to show us the way to exchange

Great teachings!, Thanks very much.