Can we make a difference? A new project has been born # @wox-helpfund, In just 25 days 766 Steem have been collected

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How is it possible, with steem everything is possible with your help

The idea is that with the help of an upvote bot where you can buy votes for your post or other posts that you want to reward with a higher reward.

Now you have an opportunity to buy an upvote from @bidvote to reward others who have good posts and who often disappear in the amount of posts and do not get any upvote for their hard work

@bidvote is programmed with a blacklist and will not accept upvote from spam accounts. Their bid will be returned

Spam accounts who buy votes from all the big upvote bots are a big problem because they do not have a blacklist to stop it.

Back to project @wox-helpfund
We created a new bot "bidvote" for this purpose and it has now been tested and we are now live with the project # @wox-helpfund

How to help #wox-helpfund use @bidvote
Of all the profits that @bidvote contributes to, 30% of the reward will go to the #wox-helpfund. You will help support the #wox-helpfund when you purchase upvote while helping you or others for a higher reward for posts.

You can also delegate SP to @bidvote and earn rewards every day
Currently your earnings on delegated SP "The APR today is increased to 29.2%"

Here you can delegate SP directly to @bidvote
25 SP 50 SP 100 SP 250 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 1500 SP 2500 SP 3000 SP 4000 SP 5000 SP

You can also use username

Select delegations in the menu and then select delegate

Thanks to all our Sponsors (delegates), @bidvote now has an effective power of 137,440 SP


What is @wox-helpfund, it is meant to be able to help needy people in the world for example orphanages other humanitarian purposes.

You can now become part of this project by delegating or buying votes "@bidvote",

You can also support @wox-helpfund if you set @wox-helpfund as recipient when you post


@endingplagiarism supports @wox-helpfund

10% will go to @wox-helpfund to support @xpilar's charity work, read the full post here

How often it can be applied for funds from the fund depends on the size of the fund. All applications must go through an approval first. "@wox-helpfunds" board members.

Board members are @the-gorilla @sultan-aceh @adeljose @the100 @xpilar

You can now become part of this project by delegating or buying votes
Feel free to make suggestions for our innovation in Steem Blockchain

cc: @steemitblog @steemcurator01

@xpilar.witness png 2 1048x537 nr 4.png

Do you also want to vote for "xpilar.witness"

Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE


Very awesome project 💪, can be helpful for everyone .

 last year 

Thank you @diary-macro

 last year (edited)

¡Hello @xpilar!, great idea because yes, there are very good publications that do not give it the merit it has and that is disappointing.
¡Ah!, to make a good post we have to use the brain (neurons), and these have their value, they wear out, hahaha. Greeting,blessings.

 last year 

Thank you @brismar 😊

Esto merece un reestem, me agrada la idea de que podamos pagar por quién premiar y lo mejor es que estarían reuniendo para una buena causa, excelente iniciativa.

 last year 

Thanks @astralj, nice to hear that

Hi @xpilar
Very nice thought sir this will not only help the existing members but will even attract more people towards Community to become one and more stronger

 last year 

Thanks @crafter, nice to hear that

This is extraordinary.
With so quickly can collect so much steem.
Thank you for this great new project.

 last year 

Thanks @jasonmunapasee

I hope everyone understands what we are trying to create here

I hope they all understand.

Great initiatives @xpilar. Bravo!!👏

 last year 

Thank you @natz04

Your welcome.👍

regards @xpilar. I am very interested in the @wox-helpfund account as a place to accommodate humanitarian aid to be distributed to people in need. I want to delegate SP to @bidvote account.
can you see my steem power, and how much i can delegate, i currently have 400 SP .
please enlighten.

 last year 

Hi @muftii

I sent you a gudie at the DM and recommended you to use max 150 SP to delegate, because you also need your own SP when you vote

Ok thanks you

excellent project, which benefits everyone. and even more so to new people who are undervalued and most of the time their publications are not even taken into account. Greetings.

 last year 

nice to hear that @alevin

a very good project to be useful for many people.

 last year 

Thank you @david-city

 last year 

I think this project will be very useful, thanks @xpilar for the great project.

 last year 

Thank you @adivender

a very good project to be useful for many people. Thank you very much

 last year 

Thank you @syawalkoki

Hola amigo, muy importante propuesta para ayudar a esas personas que no tienen votos a favor es sus publicaciones de calidad. De igual manera me diste una idea de delegar el 10% de mis publicaciones a @wox-helpfund y hacer esa cuente mucho más grande y fuerte. Siempre que sea con la labor de ayudar a los necesitados!!

Hi @jlvillamizar

Thank you very much for supporting the project

Un gusto poder ayudar!!;-)

 last year 

Nice writing please vote for me

This is very amzaing project and very useful

what is @bidvote I don't understand and how to use the bidvote, then what is it used for, please enlighten me, thank you

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