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Dear our benefactors!

For a long time, thanks to you, we were able to extend a helping hand to those who needed it. You have been a reliable support, giving your means without needing anything in return. We are very grateful to you!

From now on, making donations will be not only pleasant, but also profitable!

We will regularly analyze all posts where @wox-helpfund has been set as a beneficiary and reward our biggest donors.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we continue to record growth in the volume of income to the fund. So, as of now, 61 posts have identified @wox-helpfund as a beneficiary. The biggest benefactors are:


The top five donors will be rewarded with our powerful curation trail. We remind you that members of the board of @wox-helpfund and authors who have continuous support of the curation trail cannot be winners. However, we thank them for their contributions. Therefore, this time the winners are:

How can I get a reward?

  • When posting, set @wox-helpfund as the beneficiary.
  • We analyze all active posts at the moment and summarize the rewards they donate to @wox-helpfund.
  • If you have set @wox-helpfund as a beneficiary in several of your posts, we will sum up the rewards of all those posts to be donated to the fund.
  • If, as a result of the calculations, you are in the top five of those who have donated the largest amount to the fund at the moment, you will receive a reward.

Thank you for being with us ❤️.


Oh yes!
We support ANY quality post and good comment
Curated by : @patjewell

 27 days ago 

Thank you! ☕
It is awesome to see the numbers growing!

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