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wox launch soon.pngIt is a great pleasure for the team to announce the definitive launch of the WOX-EXCHANGE Project, which we have been talking about for some time now.

The launch date is Monday, February 7, 2022.

We want to welcome all investors who are already betting on the growth of this great project and of course all those who want to join us, we invite you to build a great project with a long term mentality, which is the way in which great things are built.

The big problems that most of the DeFi Projects present could be summarized in two:

  • On the one hand there is the fact of the lack of liquidity in a large number of these projects, so it is important that there are investors. However, it's crucial for us to attract mostly investors willing to support growth of our project and who will stay with us in the long term.

  • Another serious issue is the fact that often investors focus on short-term profits. And as soon as they have the opportunity to exchange the main currency of the Exchange, they often dump a large amount of tokens on the market. Creating strong selling pressure at early stage of the project, which reflect on token price collapsing.

This is the main reason why we emphasize the Long Term View, because this would allow us to build an ecosystem in which we all benefit, and not just for a few days or a few weeks, but for indeterminate periods of time, do you like this idea?, we hope so.


We would also like to let you know some important details regarding the launch:

  • Date of launch: 7th feb 2022
  • You can stake WOX for 29K APY (0,52% every 8 hours) and WOX-TRX LP (0,56% every 8 hours)for 45K APY.
  • Note: You will only be able to unstake your WOX Tokens after 30 days. But after 30 days there will be no lockout period .


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Note: if you have any questions regarding installing and setting up TronLink wallet or adding TRX-WOX pair into liquidity pool then contact one of "early supporters" (@lupafilotaxia, @josevas217, @crypto.piotr, @dgalan or @chucho27). They will gladly guide you.

Official WOX FI discord channel


RESTEEM and EARN 30 WOX tokens

Would you like to help us promote our big Launch date and earn yourself 30 WOX tokens? Join our initiative and follow quite simple steps:

Step 1: join our discord server (link here)
Step 2: resteem this publication
Step 3: write "Resteemed" in comment section below and add details regarding your tronlink wallet address (we recommend linking your tronlink wallet with TRX address visible in your Steem wallet)

Once this post will be 7 days old - we will select randomly 10 people who joined this initiative and transfer 30 WOX tokens to wallet addresses provided by each one of them.


Few words about WOXFi project

Short explanation would be quite simple and direct: WoxFi is upcoming DeFi, which is a pancakeswap fork build on top of TRON blockchain.

It is being launched by @xpilar and his team. For many of us (Steemit users) this person doesn't require much introduction and we all know how dedicated and respected he is on this platform. Additionaly, his efforts are supported by several active members of highly reputable Project.hope community.

Here you can find more detailed informations about this project:

Official WOX FI discord channel


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The day has come for the launch of WOXFI and many thanks to our developer @the100 and to his entire team
And thanks to the whole team who work for our great project

We are happy to support WOXFi project. Especially since @xpilar has been supporting growth of our community since day one and many of our members developed deep trust towards him.

Hopefully WOXFi will turn out to be long-term success story.

Resteem and solid upvote on the way :)

Resteemed already.

My TRX wallet address: TDwjqZkBZppnuytdpurGxXBgWK2YaBruTq


My TRX wallet address: TTU4kNXYCSsvEj2ucmb3H73KTQvRiTFRGw

My trx wallet address : TWXoAt8XEyj2TtLS9QLs3GtGL31Z175iJM
I am really excited about this.
I have already added liquidity and
would surely stake even more .
So If I win this my winning tokens go to the staking pool.
Here is my post about this great opportunity

Thanks @thetimetravelerz for your initiative :)

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This is great news for WOX members and the others!

Looking forward to that good day for the lunch of this wox, togetherness for the great.

Hopefully other could see the benefits of this project too.

Tron address:



My wallet address (associated with Steemit) TCsWC1kBh3FBorS7ksMx7Dbxfor5uKUxiV


TXR wallet: TJyMZiQ1GhZvMHNyEWPiQW82QfvTiYXnCq


My TRX wallet address -


I have a technical question regaridng swaping tex-wox and will address your team on Discord

hi @nomad-magus

I will DM you via discord right away. Hopefully I may be able to answer some of your questions.

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