Second WOX token burning

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It is a pleasure for us as a team to be the bearer of good news. We recently held the first WOX token burn for the health of the project economy, all the details were announced in the following psot:

Initiating WOX token burning

In this publication we have made very clear and in a simple way the benefits that this practice brings within the WOX-EXCHANGE economy, by the elimination of a quantity of circulating tokens that makes the price magically go up and stay within an average value, as it could be evidenced above.

Start of WOX token burning.png

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We have recently performed the second WOX token burning, removing 10,000 tokens from circulation, as can be seen in detail in the logs shown in the following image:

Start of WOX token burning (1).png


For more details you can go to the following link:

BURN 10K wox

We continue to work on improving and advancing a community of investors who continue to see the possibilities for long-term growth.**.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We invite you to join our discord channel:

Official WOX FI discord channel

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Good news. I'm excited to see what a year or two could bring to WOX project

This is great to hear

This is very important for the long-term sustainability of the project. Excellent.

Undoubtedly this is good news for the improvement of prices, thanks for sharing this information @wox-exchange

This is a sign that we are facing a very serious and responsible project. Yesterday I could see how the price of WOX was positioned above TRX, as a result of this action of burning tokens. Excellent team. We are excited to see a project of this magnitude sponsored by the #worldofxpilar community. Congratulations @xpilar.
 2 years ago 

I am glad you are keeping the community that has invested in the WOX token up to date, the token burn is excellent news for token holders.

Thanks for that update guys

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This is second round and already the promise is being kept

thanks for the update

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