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RE: 🎄 Do You Find Christmas Stressful?

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Christmas... Easter... Days like all the others for me. I listen to the same music all year round, and even when heavy metallers and punks text about Christmas, it sounds pleasantly robust and rocky ;-)) I'm not interested in presents, and I used to offer the children experiences rather than physical things (which probably nobody needs). Time is the big magic word: if holidays contribute to more time together: bring it on! Everything else... I leave it to those who like it.

Weihnachten... Ostern... Tage wie alle anderen für mich. Ich höre die gleiche Musik ums Jahr, und selbst wenn Heavy Metaller und Punks über Weihnachten texten, klingt das angenehm robust und rockig ;-)) An Geschenken bin ich nicht interessiert, auch den Kindern habe ich früher eher Erlebnisse angeboten statt physischer Dinge (die vermutlich niemand braucht). Zeit ist das große Zauberwort: wenn Feiertage zu mehr gemeinsamer Zeit beitragen: her damit! Alles andere... Überlasse ich denen, die es mögen.

 4 months ago 

Ohhhh, the gifts. I have a photo that I took of our Christmas Tree and all of the presents underneath - I won't share it because it's embarrassing.

Our family buy our little apes far too much stuff - our older nephews and nieces hand down all of their stuff to us throughout the year (much of which we hold back for Birthdays, etc.) and our house is overflowing with toys and games. Far too much. They've never asked for anything and are happier when we go to the park or the zoo than stay indoors to play. But consumerism is ingrained into so many that we can't avoid it.

I listen to the same music all year round

A spot of Wizzard...?

 4 months ago 

Nice ;-)) I thought more in that way:

 4 months ago 

I was waiting for the death metal screams over the top. I am disappointed that they never came...

As for the video's picture...

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