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True Story

So today whatever I'm going to talk about is 100% true. Why? Because I was the one with that all happened.

IMG_20201031_010849.jpg This pic is made by my friend for the contest

I was a night owl and did not sleep the whole night while everyone else was sleeping. One night I was combing my hairs at 3 o clock and I heard someone's voice, I ignored it then I again heard that someone was calling me. The voice was of a young boy, age of between 20 to 25 WARISHA WARISHA WARISHA 3 times I heard that voice and after hearing it I went to sleep. I didn't discuss that with anyone.

After 2 days I was lying on my bed and someone again called me. This time the voice was of a lady, a lady of age above 40. She called me only once then after hearing WARISHA I heared a peculiar voice that I can't describe here. This time I was very veey scared.

Third time happened when I was lying on my bed and trying to sleep. Then someone's hand touched me I thought that could be my sister. Then gradually that hand started moving and rubbing my back I felt weird and at a sudden looked back there was NO one I was so so so sacred that I started crying and went to my mama's room and slept with her.

Fourth time happened when I was getting ready to sleep. I was in washroom, there is a window in our washroom so from that window I heard a male's voice. He was saying THERE IS SOMETHING WITH YOUR MAMA GO GO! After hearing that I ran towards my mama's room, she was sleeping there everything was okay there but after few minutes when I visited I saw there was a black shadow of a long person or I don't know what it was but his back was bent and he was looking just at her face. I can't describe what I was feeling at that moment, I'm scared right now while writing this. I didn't tell all that to mama because she might got worried. But her eyes told me that she knew everything.

Fifth time happened I was sleeping at mama's bed there was no one at house except me and mama. Then suddenly my eyes got opened and I heard someone's voice from the gallery, our gallery is packed and we usually don't open that door. I NEVER NEVER HEARD SUCH SCARY VOICE IN MY WHOLE LIFE NOT EVEN IN MOVIES. That voice was super heavy and aged. He was reciting Surah of Quran and saying something about prayers. I didn't know what Surah he was reciting. After hearing that voice my whole body got paralyzed only I can hear his voice I could not even move my head and after hearing all I fainted Mama ran when she heard that voice and when I got normal again she told me everything what happened. That guy was reciting Surah Bakra. I started weeping bitterly.

I can't tell all the story why that was happening but I hope you enjoyed reading

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Good story friend @vvarishayy

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Thank you for your entry to the contest.

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Thank you @adeljose but I've mentioned her,she is my close friend who drew that.

Great story @vvarishayy, it must have been scarier in real life to have experienced these all by yourself.

Keep it up with more good contents.

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Thank you for reading, yeah it was scarier 😶 even scariest experience @iamlynxie

Stay strong @vvarishayy, you are welcome as well.

OMG Girl, that seems to be scary and those events are not to be discussed.
May the one who was making these noises is reading the post too hahaha xD

Yesss those days were scariest.
Whole family was torchrunging me XD but I brought many positive changings after those incident. @haidermehdi

Hi @vvarishayy, due to some stolen Artworks from other authors that sometimes are presented by people as their own, we are very cautious about that.

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I didn't say that was mine, I can remove this pic if you would say. I'll introduce steemit as well to her but please kindly let me no if you are not allowing me to post this pic here @art-venture

It is not forbidden to use any other sources but you can cite it and if you really appreciate the work of your friend you could tell that. Because creating a post you are earning Steem with he work of others. Many artists are happy when they work is used but not many happy when they know that others can earn with their work.

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But if it is taken from Internet then you should cite the reference source and make sure it is not copywright

It has not been taken from the Internet too.

Thankyou for your guide and i am Sure @vvarishayy would soon be making an initiative to bring more users and new comers to Steemit and to WorldOfXpilar :)

She is my recruit and a newbie, i though to help her out. I will share words with her today over this :) . Please don't let this effect her entry in the Competition.
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