Staying Happy In The Hustle

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Everybody nowadays now have a side business apart from the main business they are in to, we tend to do some things that help us generate incomes and act as a backup for us. We call it side hustle, on my part here am into it especially when it come to creating content, just through with my education and am currently serving my country but this pandemic really create time for most of us to diversify. One thing I do wonder is this, are you happy with that hustling you are into, is it really giving you what you want or you are just wasting time on it. Some people get themselves into lot of things and at the end of the day they will be so tired and hate themselves from doing it but do you know there are some ways you can use to keep yourself happy with what ever side thing you are doing.

Allow know when your No Is No

One thing that always take away the hustling joy is that we want to do everything we can lay our hand on all because we want to generate more income and forget we humans also have bandwidth, we should always learn to say no to some certain things.

“Steve Jobs once said that “ It is only by saying No to some things, that is when we will have the time to concentrate on things that are really important”

At times the work or job might be so much and you just have to take them but that is when the second option will come to place which is

Delegating Your Work

At times, we are the only one fit to receive those job offer and they will be so much to the extent that we cant do them, we can easily distribute it to people around us that are capable to do it. We don’t need to put in greed to our hustle and exhaust the only bandwidth we have. I still have works I do on daily bases which aren’t mine but was delegated to me.

There are lot of people out there that just start their hustling life or looking for one side job or the other, reach out to them to help you out. At a point, you will realize you cant do everything, for your own network and working team.

Build Network And Working Team

Kiyosaki once said that the richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.

I came to realize that this hustling is like a journey we cant go along, we need to journey together with like minds who have the same aim and goals with us and who we can share knowledge, ideas and even support. Having this set of networks will give you some sort of confidence that you aren’t along and there are lot of opportunities embedded in this.

Lastly always learn to rest, there is time for everything in this world, even if hustling is real, also know that your mental health is very important. Take a break either by going for a work, playing games or sleeping and refresh yourself. You will even be happy and realize that you can be more productive after resting. Resting is very important