The Wild Love Photography- (Part-2)

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My Dear Creative Steemians, Hope You Are Well by the grace of Almighty Creator. Today I'm going to share my Wild Love Photography Second Part With a Great Story for the first time on WORLD OF XPILAR Community because I'm a great fan of @xpilar from the beginning of my #steem journey. I'm feeling very excited about being a part of his community.

Birdlove 20.jpg

Love is a divine gift, May creator create this universe only for love, without love we can think about the single life, we are born for the love of our parents. Love is not only true for human beings but also true for every single life in the universe.

Birdlove 21.jpg

What your concept about the wild love, what you think about the wild love? It's only about sex and to give birth child every year. If you are thinking like that you are absolutely wrong, the love of the wild is very strong even better than the love of a human being.

Birdlove 22.jpg

To realize the ultimate of a wild you have to observe a complete life of a wild. For example, we can mention here a common wild figure. The Dog, in my life I'm able to observe many dog life. They are not social like us, a male dog can be sex with many females dogs, but their love is not expressed by their sexual activities, their love is noticeable after the born of their child.

Birdlove 30.jpg

Love for the newborn child is very equal by a mother dog and the male dog. Both are very careful about their newborn child, they are taking care of their child until their child becomes perfect to survive with their life. Hope you all notice one thing, you can touch any dog-child in font of a mother dog. It will protest with its best. So love is very equal to every life.

Birdlove 32.jpg

Let's talk about the love of Birds. The love of birds could be the best example of responsibility for the family. Most of the time the male birds are very responsible for building the nest, after having a romantic relationship between the male and female birds the responsibility of the male birds increases more. At the time of laying eggs of female birds the male birds taking an extra care of its.

Birdlove 33.jpg

After laying the eggs the female birds become busy to produce the child from the eggs and those time male birds provide food for the female one. After the born of the new child, the female birds and the male birds both become very busy collecting food for themself and food for the child. Both of them taking care of their child until they are able to survive with reality.

Birdlove 34.jpg

There has a motive for writing this blog about wild love. Something is very bad happening with us, the deadly COVID-19 are destroying our human civilization gradually, What is the main cause behind spreading this virus worldwide. Lack of our consciousness, lack of our sincerity those also another cause but the main cause behind spreading COVID-19 worldwide are lacking love.

Birdlove 35.jpg

Nowadays our love becomes very commercial and we very succeed to decrease the Magnitude of our love, Our love is only for our wife, our love is only for our child our love is only for our parents sometimes we skipped our parents.

Birdlove 36.jpg

Now only love for every human being and only love can save our beloved human civilization.

Every Photo Shoot by Nikkon D-3500
Edit In: Adobe Lightroom.

I'm a student and Photography Is my hobby, I just spend a huge amount on making a tour for capturing photos and everything is for creating my #STEEM and #HIVE Blogs and there is no other intension. I'm not getting my expected support from my blogs. So I'm asking for support from you all that I can continue my photography.

You Can support my work by delegating #STEEM and #HIVE or by donating #STEEM & #HIVE through my @uttambarman (Both Steem and Hive account).

Thanks for being with me and for supporting me. Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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It's nice to see you here @uttambarman

Thanks for great pictures, they are unique.
And you write good text between the picture

Thanks for making Me a Proud Member of your Community and for your sweet compliment. I and my brother @shadonchandra will try to be a very active member of your community.

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thanks, appreciate it

Very cool shooting of 2 birds. I agree with you that wild love is also strong. and sometimes even stronger than humans.

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