Official Soft Launch of @trx-steem native wallet swap

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Simply send 10 or more TRX to...


Put your memo as all lowercase -> no @ -> your steem account name nothing else

QR code for the wallet if you have a tron wallet phone app

It is set to be manually verified at first so you can be 100 percent sure that your funds are safe, as long as you send them that that Tron address you are going to get your steem when i run the send function... Once i see that everything is working 100 percent I will turn on it on automated to process out as soon as the Tron is sent.

If you want an easy way to remember this wallet -> book mark my tron scan address page -> this can guarantee you get the exact address every time.

if your not familiar to tron - think of tronscan as -> steemworld

If you need more details on how to send a transaction please comment below and I will check back in the near future to try to resolve any issues anyone might have.


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Is there a way to know the exchange rate which you will apply?

Right now it works by Taking a 5%fee from the ammount recieved. -> next it takes that number and divides it by the price of steem / price of tron.

so say you send 100 tron -> it says - 95 / (Steem/tron) that number changes by the second though so it's hard to give an exact ammount.

That being said the exact prices of the exchange change from second to second so the ammount recieved is going to vary a little bit (however this can work out in your benefit.

Esentially look at it like this -> quick simple way to make the exchange from tron back to steem. No need to worry about private keys, or verifying emails at exchanges and what not, just a quick way to get some liquid steem from tron thats just sitting idle.

I am using this exchange as a major learning tool, so while right now it is very minimalistic, It will serve as a way for me to learn various aspects of development.

I have the idea of a frontend in mind, however the more complex the process is, the more issues can arise from it.

Is this still operating? How large of an order can you process?

@jondoe Yes it is And I just released a new version yesterday actually... It is now fully automatic. you just need to make sure your steemaddress is the memo field... -> for you it the memo would say jondoe -> and thats it...

In the event that I dont have enough in the account It will still process the transaction.. It will just add you to a list of pending orders which will be sent out as soon as the available funds are there...

otherwise if you ever wanted to tag me before hand... I Keep about 1k spare steem floating around between a few accounts for if any of them need any operating funds instantly so I can probably handle up to 1.5k steem =)

Do you make a profit off of the conversion?

Hello, There is a 5% fee on the initial tron incoming ammount -> however it isnt really something I take out etc... Its kind of more of a way to raise funds to keep this thing running.

/ ensure that Im not running at a loss. Cover things like taxs etc. I want to build up a more complex exchange etc / but I need to start somewhere and I think the fee is a fair way to start doing that...

I am not here to drain anyones earnings... If you are concerned and want to work something out let me know but, it's just to not charge a fee. on swapping for people -> and then encuring a fee of my own and paying for the sservers to run it / the time it takes to run it is not my goal =)

I just tried your service and it worked!!! That is always reassuring. Maybe you can discuss with @steemchiller about having the link on Steemworld.

=) hey Yea The thing is I am kind of in 100 different places right now... This was actually my first script that I ever wrote ... (only like 5 months ago) But I have since perfected it etc...

I still have a few more things I need to work on till it's 100 percent functional...

Right now it works but there are some cases that I need to get around to identifying / then writing the logic out for ... aka if someone puts a @ i will be using that as a placeholder for that word representing the username...

I also want to add commands . So people can set their wallet -> with memo or comment commands... Because right now it locks your tron address to your steem address but Im sure people might want to be able to modify...

Lastly I want to have some type of physical UI for users to interact with if they want to...

In my mind... it is essential on something like this to have a physical product because thats how people remember you... Think about steem vs steemit... 99 people remember steemit not steem because steemit is what they see even though steem is the actual technology running it.

Anyhow yea your definetly right I will be looking into many ways to promote becuase I know people would like to use it... but many dont want to risk it because of the bad actors out there... but yea i assure you I am not interested in any get rich quick plans that come at the cost of my reputation... in fact id rather lose money to keep my rep neutral =)

aka if someone puts a @ i will be using that as a placeholder for that word representing the username

What programming language do you use in your script?

its all just javascript im sure there are better uses for it ... but i found my path in life in javascript and its gonna take a large sum of cash or something else to get me to venture to other languages right now lol

i try to build everything myself with vanilla js; since im on the newer side. I want to one make sure im getting as much practice in as possible but also ... (idk if your a programmer yourself but.) with packages using other packages using other packages... your always bound to deal with some kind of package relying on somehting else and so on but then something changes and your kind of forced to go back over everything so id rather rely on my own code that I wrote so if something breaks i can have that mental model in my head and trouble shoot much easier.

I can resteem your post if you'd like a bit more business? I know a few people that would likely be interested in something like this...

It would mean the world... I am still trying to clean everything up a bit Just threw a logo togeather but yea I have a lot of energy / new excited passion for coding so while I cant say for sure what my future looks like... for the time being my main platform to work with right now is steem... You obviously are a man of great influence hehe so if it deems your judgement I would be forever grateful / and if not no hard feelings I understand we all have our own "brand guidelines" to adhear to especially internally =)

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