The hyacinthum bug || Bright colors in aceh

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I went back in time with some of the same pictures posted last week but I was aiming for very interesting images in this different place.

How wonderful it would be if we saw this extraordinary situation. The blue beetle which is called in Latin is the hyacinthum beetle. This beetle has a bright green color with black spots on the shell with a round body shape with long antennae on the head.

Green beetles are invertebrates. The green beetle is one of the beetles that is very adaptable to the natural environment which is very abundant in the free forest. This green beetle species is almost the same as the snail with a round body shape with a bright, shiny color.

Insects are very small animals that each have special characteristics for each group. Which means invertebrate insects do not have a backbone, most insects walk, but some can fly and jump.

My review ...! Loving nature by looking for quality images that is the thing I like the most! Looking for good and quality content certainly requires hard work .. 😎

All these photos mine are taken by smartphone camera.

Auto ISO camera resolution

  • Category : macro photography
  • Edits : Snapseed
  • Owner : @tinta-tertuang
  • Location : Indonesian aceh forest
  • Image catcher : smartphone

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Wonderful capture👏🏻

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