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Hello everyone!
Today there will be another post about the process of working from a living watercolor to transferring it to a digital format for printing posters or sublimations on clothes. Despite the fact that I have been working with digital illustrations for the last year, I still love the original watercolor with all my heart and periodically draw my favorite Nevsky watercolor on paper.
Today I will show you the process of working on a flower bouquet. I collect several references and then take parts from them and draw my interpretation of the bouquet. I will show the reference that I took as a basis and then added a little from other bouquets.
There is a bit of a drawing process in this photo. There are brushes and a white cloth with which I wipe the brushes =)


After I have completely drawn the illustration, I scan it at a resolution of 300 or 600 dpi. And then I remove the background in Photoshop, so that the bouquet is on a transparent background. In this form, I already make posters or sublimations for clothes out of it.

Free Designer Poster Frame Mockup PSD For Branding.jpg
That's how I transfer real watercolor to digital format. It seems so fast and simple in words, but in fact it takes about 2-3 days, or rather nights =) I draw very slowly, so the process is so long =)

Free Wooden Stand Holding Poster Mockup.jpg
I hope this information was clear and useful to you.

Thank you for your support!

 2 years ago 

Ох уж эти художники...))
Тяжкий труд, однако)

 2 years ago 

Кайфовый труд)))

 2 years ago 

Вот это главное))

Qué espectacular obra, de paso las flores me encantan. Muchísimo éxito y un abrazote @tianageo

It is beautiful and delicate work. I love the colours, their combination and the different presentations you show us. It is simply outstanding!
I will propose your work in Nominate and get Rewarded: 15% Trial Upvote, (Nomination Day 64)
Have agreat day!

beatiful work. Excelent.

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