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Hi! How glad I was when I saw a new contest about silhouettes =) I have so many similar photos =) I hope that I will be able to show my silhouettes and shadows) This time I will show you the photos that my husband and I took at a hotel in Turkey. I love contour photos against the background of windows, tunnels where there is light.

20140501_19-58-01_geo_ok (1) 1.jpg
At first I wanted to wear a swimsuit to take photos, but then I realized that the silhouette would look like I was naked =) and then I decided to put on a short dress =)
20140501_19-58-01_geo_ok (1).jpg

20140501_19-58-17_geo (1).jpg

20140501_20-01-12_geo (1).jpg

20140501_20-00-10_geo (1).jpg



Thank you for your support!

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Свет в конце тоннеля...нет, в середине )))

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Thank you! =)

 last year 

Buenas fotografias , la del sombrera es hermosisima.

 last year 

Thank you! =)

great content. feel blessed to find this post and tips and tricks. congrats!!!!

 last year 

Thank you so much!

anytime! you deserved it

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