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Hello everyone!

I am often asked to show the process of drawing on an iPad more often and in more detail, and I was happy to draw a seascape today and saved all the stages of work. I've been drawing on my iPad in the Procreate for about a year. Before that, she painted landscapes only with traditional watercolor on paper or oil paint on canvas or cardboard. And I want to say that I like to draw with all materials, each of them has its own nuances and difficulties. I get used to each material for a very long time, but when I get used to it, I get very involved in the process and get great pleasure from drawing.


So now I'll show you the whole process of drawing a lighthouse. I accidentally found a photo in Pinterest a few days ago and was immediately inspired by its greatness and beauty.

I often draw not very complex landscapes without a preliminary pencil sketch. And I start drawing immediately in color according to the rule from general to particular. That is, I first outline the main masses very roughly and then gradually add details.

I used a standard brush that was in the factory settings of the program, it is called an oil brush. I love all the standard brushes that imitate oil or acrylic painting. They are so alive and similar to the real ones.

I drew the sky in blue, adjust the tone by clicking on the apple pencil.

Then I also draw a very general color of the hill on which the lighthouse stands - this is the second layer.


Then I draw the sea on the same layer as the sky. You can draw on another layer, but it's more convenient for me to draw the same color on one layer.


Then I draw the lighthouse in one color.

And then, step by step, I begin to complicate and clarify the details - this moment is the most pleasant for me...





In this screenshot, I showed how many layers I have. I used a minimum of layers so that the paints could mix with each other.
And in this screenshot, I showed the drawing of the brush that I used to draw.

Well, this is the result. I am happy, but I will paint the same landscape with a different brush with a different effect. It will be very interesting to compare the two sketches later. Are you interested?


Free Designer Poster Frame Mockup PSD For Branding.jpg

Thank you for attention and support!


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 last year 

Thank you ☺️

 last year 

Магический процесс.
Я номинировал ваш пост на конкурс

 last year 

Благодарю =) очень приятно=)

 last year 

Ведь так можно и с натуры рисовать и не надо таскать с собой целый "чемодан" инструмента )))

 last year 

Бесспорно😀 но в чемодане инструментов свой шарм и кайф 🥰

 last year 

это да, тут без вопросв))
Живые картины мне нравятся больше.

 last year 

Я тоже люблю традиционную технику) но сейчас и от диджитал получаю удовольствие. Такое счастье иметь возможность переключаться с одного любимого дела на другое))

 last year 

Радость от процесса и результата - а ради чего ещё стоит этим заниматься))

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 last year 

Thank you 🙏

 last year 

Greetings my friend @tianageo

Excellent work, I really liked your drawing, congratulations for that talent.

 last year 

Thank you so much for your kind review ;)

 last year 

Одно слово: СУПЕР!!!

 last year 

Спасибо огромное 🙏🥰

 last year 

Hi, the lonely and strong stance of the lighthouses against the violent waves is quite impressive. I can feel this strong feeling in your painting as well. Sharing your picture step by step helped me see the light and shadow settings. I really liked your work that reflects the elegance of simplicity :)

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