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Hello everyone.
In two days there will be a holiday of all lovers. In Russia, some also celebrate it, but not for most it's just a day when you can once again tell your loved ones about your feelings. My family does not celebrate this holiday, but we will probably buy a cake anyway =) And today I would like to show you my cute watercolor illustrations of embedded hedgehogs on cacti. These are children's illustrations for prints and posters. To be honest, the series consisted of 4 illustrations, but I didn't find the fourth one =)

Here is each illustration separately so that you can take a closer look at the hedgehogs that at first glance are not visible among the cacti =)


And here I show how these illustrations can be used on all products in reality.

Free Baby Onesie Mockup.jpg

2 frames_tropicals.jpg

poster canvas modern classic 395 (2).jpg

Thank you for your attention and your support!


Lovely scenes, cactus plant and hedgehogs really fit to each other :)

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Thank you =) yes, they fit to each other very well =)

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Nice! ☺️ ❤️

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Thank you!

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очень мило, но Валентина не праздую... :-))

 last year 

Спасибо! Правильно) у нас есть свой праздник семьи, любви и верности)

 last year 

ВОТ! :)


Brilliant. I love the finished work.

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