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Hi! I would like to take part in the contest and this time I drew a picture of my dreams. I have never been to Greece, but in my imagination it is like this Pinterest photo - cozy, warm, with lots of flowering trees and houses made of white stone. I love Europe and have been to many countries, but I haven't been to Greece yet. I hope that all this pandemic situation will end soon and I will realize my dream and draw from nature the cozy streets of Greece.


In the meantime, I'll show you the process of drawing from a Pinterest photo.

First I drew a sketch with a pencil. As you can see, I do not draw details, but only make a very quick sketch just to indicate the main thing - the perspective of the street, the house and the tree. I draw all the small details already in color.I use a brush like this in the screenshot. Honestly I don't know what it's called in the English version, because I have some of the brushes signed in Russian.

Then I do a quick fill just to indicate the most basic colors- these colors are average, that is, not the lightest and not the darkest that were in the photo.
And then, step by step, I begin to add details also in large strokes.




When all the basic strokes have already been made, you can begin to refine all the details and fine lines with a smaller brush size. Here you can continue to refine the details for an infinitely long time, but I like it when the sketch is so artistic and does not look like a photo =)
This is the result. Honestly, I'm not very happy with the result in my imagination it should have been completely different. I will redraw it again with other brushes. Sometimes I do this to compare the result and achieve the effect that was originally intended.

Well, I'll show you how you can use the image in life.

Group 1.jpg

Natural-Picture Frame Mockup.jpg

Free Designer Poster Frame Mockup PSD For Branding.jpg

Free Wooden Stand Holding Poster Mockup.jpg

Thank you for attention!
Thank you for your support!


Nice to have such digital Art, especially Greece always offers so many opportunities for creative people. Tiana, use #art in one of the first 4 as there are some curators who look through that tag too :)

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Thank you so much for advice=)

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