♣️ My View on #club5050 Eligibility

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The topic of club5050, club75 and club100 has divided opinion on Steemit. Whilst many users have "embraced" the initiative, others have been openly critical. Whether you like it or not, the sentiment behind the initiative is clear - asking more users to Power Up more STEEM.


Since launching, a few users have created tools to check club status against with the simple logic of...

You Power Up More Than You Transfer Out

Simple enough and in my opinion, too simple.


An Example

If I were to earn 1000 STEEM, Power Up 1 STEEM and withdraw 0 STEEM then technically, I'm in club100 aren't I?

But then what of the 999 STEEM? This isn't really in keeping with the spirit of clubs and in my opinion, it's certainly not supporting the initiative.


Igniting the Spirit of Clubs

So as many of you already know, I created my own tool which I believe reflects the intent behind clubs and is more in keeping with clubs underlying raison d'etre.

This tool is openly available to all - simply change the username in the URL after "author=" to your username to see your status.

This is the tool that our @steemcurator08 curation team is using to determine club eligibility. Those users that have powered up 200 STEEM and have over 1800 STEEM sat in their wallet will obviously not like this (as we've already found out) but I can't help but feel that these users are deliberately ignoring the reason that clubs were created.


Oh, and I'm now a quadruple dolphin 🥳



Happy 4x Dolphin Day !

And thank you for developing this tool.

We do take notice also of liquid STEEM and SBD in wallets, as well as Cash Out v Power Up.

 2 years ago 

Thank you 👍🏼

We do take notice also of liquid STEEM and SBD in wallets

My interpretation of this is that "Open Trades" in the Internal Market are also "liquid STEEM and SBD", so I've kept them included within the chart. I've removed the "beneficiaries" (which could be used as a loophole) and left this data in the table (with details in the "Transfers Out" tab).

 2 years ago (edited)

I'm sorry that my efforts to improve things are resulting in so many questions to you. It was certainly not my intention and I had no idea that the community was so unwilling to think for itself.

 2 years ago (edited)

Excuse me friend, I think the word incapable is too much, we are just looking for a way to link ideas and actions,

Respect for colleagues must be paramount.


 2 years ago (edited)

Respect for colleagues must be paramount.

Perhaps "incapable" was a poor choice. "unwilling" is perhaps more appropriate.

Every day, we see complaints about the "centralisation" of power. Complaints about Steemit's lack of forward progress.

I launched a new tool to demonstrate progress. I was working on a new front-end to demonstrate progress. To show that we don't need to sit and wait for Steemit to act or to tell us what to do. To show that the community can act without being told to act. Having seen what I've tried to do since joining (endingplagiarism, top commenters, coding, etc.), both you and @steemcurator01 know this.

Yesterday was a demonstration of the community's true desire. The community doesn't want to be decentralised. They want Steemit to tell them what to do. If @steemcurator01 says "I'm using the-gorilla's tool", everybody will follow. The fact that if my tool says you're powering up, then every other tool will say you're powering up appears to be irrelevant. They need the Steemit team to write a blog post and say "we support the-gorilla's tool".

As somebody else said to me:

People think in black and white. Grey might be to hard to understand.

I wrote this tool to make people's lives easier. To make the job of @steemcurator01 easier, to make the jobs of curation teams easier. I've achieved the opposite. As a result of my hard work, @steemcurator01 has been mentioned an additional 20+ times. They've been asked to write a post to clarify their position which they quite simply shouldn't need to do.

From my point of view though, that's not the worst of it... My desire to improve things has resulted in me being accused of having "bad intentions" amongst other things. I didn't notice anybody replying to that comment regarding a lack of respect.

Back to the point of your comment... I understand that the use of the phrase "incapable of thinking" to describe people waiting to be told what to do is disrespectful and I have edited it accordingly.

 2 years ago 

Unfortunately many do not know the power of the word, I apologize for those who have offended you. The idea is not against the tool, it is exceptional, it allows us to know in an optimal way the balance of an account, but it is necessary to refine it in order not to harm those who are somehow in the lower limit of the requirements as is the case of our friend edittacar86.

I invite you to continue developing your excellent work for the platform, I recognize your great talent for it, you should only rehearse and teach so that it is processed correctly by those who apply it.

In fact, I have a short question or suggestion: ¿Would it be possible to show 2 graphs, one that shows the general, ie, only transfer and on and a second graph showing the actual behavior as it was raised at the beginning?

 2 years ago 

That's easy to add so I've included it under a heading "Power Ups v. Transfers Out".


 2 years ago 

In my humble opinion, the first chart is the one to look at as primary, the detailed one is for further investigation you want to do on any user, either to corroborate Steem and SBD movements or confirm abuse.

In my case, you can see

During the last month I have left 91.8% of my rewards on Steem within the platform, which is distributed in 75.1% for Steem Power and 15% to other users. The detail is shown in the graph.


If we look at the following first choice graph, it makes us stop on 2 aspects "knowing that I use the #club75 tag.

First, it clearly shows that I have only turned on 70% of my rewards, and second, it creates uncertainty as to how the Steem liquid balance will be interpreted, which is clearly affecting my inclusion to #club75, this is what we must be careful about.

That is why, in my opinion, this more detailed chart should be put on the back burner, just for the purpose of studying openly confusing cases.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with the application, just the data that can be seen at first glance.

 2 years ago 

I understand although when designing this page, I did it with the mindset of "one day, clubs won't be needed"... so although I positioned it as a useful tool to check club status (which it is but I wish I hadn't said that), the day that Steemit doesn't "incentivise" people to power up will eventually come. At which point, the "where has STEEM/SBD come from and where is it going" will always be the most important thing on this page.

Thank you for the suggestion of including Power Ups v. Transfers Out and I wish that somebody had suggested it more than 24 hours ago.

I really, really can't emphasise enough how badly I don't want to think about or write about this tool ever again.

Sungguh gembira rasanya bila sang lumba-lumba telah ditaklukkan di hati semoga saya bisa mendapatkan sang lumba-lumba untuk kedepannya 🐬❤️😘

 2 years ago (edited)

There will almost always be holes to use to be able to circumvent rules and many unfortunately do so with overlays and think that they are not seen.

Steem is like a game and users just get smarter and smarter to take advantage of the system. I'm glad you're developing tools that make it easier to find such users.

The rules for @club5050, @club75 and @club100 can probably be difficult for some and not for others. But extra difficult for new users who use the tags without thinking about the use of the tag
And it is difficult for new users to find rules for the clubs unless other users or communities help them

I personally think that a user should have been a steemit for a month and written at least 10 posts before he or she qualifies to join the clubs.
I also believe that those who recruit users must take greater responsibility and tell more about rules here at steemit

And I forgot one thing about tags
when you use the 7 tags that you have the option of and you use other tags in your post, the system can add another tag.

Shows you an example from my own post, I use these tags


After I post, it shows one more tag


text in my post
I change the rules a bit now and support the new initiative of #club5050 #club75 #club100,

 2 years ago 

I also believe that those who recruit users must take greater responsibility and tell more about rules here at steemit

I think that this is important. Oftentimes, somebody will proudly share "I have introduced ... to Steemit" and within 2 or 3 posts, they'll get caught plagiarising. With the idea that recruiting 10 people is better for Steemit than finding 1 good person. Unfortunately, the "recruitment message" is focussed around how much money people can make, setting the wrong expectations and many are now "trained" to go to the Newcomers Community, post their achievements, etc. without seeing the bigger picture of what they can achieve on Steemit.

That's difficult to avoid with tags - I'll sometimes want to refer to #club5050, #club75 or #club100 without alerting the attention of everybody looking.

If you earned 1000 STEEM, you would have to power up 50% for 5050, 75% 100% of what you earned and also you would have to power up more than you transferred... or something like that i think. 5050 rules are actually not that simple because there are more conditions what to do, what not to do..

People understand it differently and we don't know for sure what is 100% correct or where to check the info.
Some communities/people get more details from steemit we don't
just try our best and hope we are doing right...

 2 years ago 

If you earned 1000 STEEM, you would have to power up 50% for 5050, 75% 100% of what you earned and also you would have to power up more than you transferred

That’s my understanding too and also how I believe the clubs were intended to function. I’ve always been of the “what are they trying to achieve” mindset rather than expecting Steemit to tell me what calculation needs to be made (and then waiting for some cheeky bastard to find a way of circumventing the calculation 🤣)

yeah... club check is actually hard to do and I get confused especially I don't have the right info lol

 2 years ago 

🤣 It's rather complicated. There are so many different ways to transfer STEEM (which one tool creator deliberately used to hide 16000 STEEM's worth of transfers!!) and then there's the STEEM that's "in limbo" in the Marketplace.

"in limbo" doesn't count as power up IMO since its not powered up yet... otherwise we can do all limbo thing and say we are trying to power up or whatever... but if its not done, its not done. no power up
"Hiding" STEEM thing is can be tricky to discover... since there are so many holes lol

 2 years ago 

I agree 😁 And in most cases, the people "hiding" their STEEM know that they're doing it.

 2 years ago 

yeah I should fix it...

 2 years ago 

Oh, is that your calculator? 🤭

 2 years ago (edited)

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 on your 4X dolphin 🐬🐬🐬🐬, I share in your joy. Meanwhile, I sincerely appreciate this tool especially the reason behind it. I was wondering why some will be storing liquid steem in their wallets meanwhile the spud4steem will come and go, the steem will still there and they will still be in the clubs.

They are simply playing a game. Is either you powerup and remain in the club or you do what's on your mind and simply go out of the club. Kudos to you @the-gorilla. Let see how it goes

 2 years ago 

I was wondering why some will be storing liquid steem in their wallets meanwhile the spud4steem will come and go, the steem will still there and they will still be in the clubs.

In some cases, this is true. I think this is where the 3 month data can also be used 🙂

Let see how it goes

Exactly. There's a lot of information which people can choose to interpret how they wish - calculations and what's included and excluded can adapt with experience.

¡Hola! Felicitaciones por tus cuatro delfines.
La herramienta luce bien, pero creo que debe considerar, que en Steemit como comunidad, se incentiva el encendido cada primer día del mes, entonces, al menos en mi caso, he adoptado recientemente esa filosofía, además de que no me veo obligada a hacer power up cada día por cada centavo que entra a mi billetera; así que ese día enciendo todo lo que tengo y no retiro nada ¿Qué pasa entonces en estos casos? Por lo que entiendo, según esta herramienta, sólo sería club 100 el primero de cada mes.

 2 years ago (edited)

I think that this is quite common and this is where the 2 month and 3 month data is useful. In your case, when I look at the 3 month data, it's clear to me what your intention with the "non-powered up" STEEM is.

If this non-powered up amount was far greater(e.g. 1000 STEEM) and had been accumulating over a longer period (i.e. the spud4steem initiative had been ignored), I'd wonder why... leaving a large sum sat in your wallet doesn't benefit anybody. It's better off powered up to help you and the community or in your bank account helping you.

Excellent, it is now clear to me. The tool is very helpful in interpreting the data.
Thank you for your kind reply and have a beautiful day.

 2 years ago 

You’re welcome and thank you for highlighting a very important point that I’d missed 😊

 2 years ago 

The tool doesn't show any information for me. Am I doing it wrong? I have never withdrawn any Steem and always 100% power up.

 2 years ago 

For you, the URL is:

If nothing was being displayed, it's possible that the username in the URL had a typo.

You have a lot of SBD in your wallet and it looks like you haven't converted it to STEEM (which you can power up). Do you know how to do this?

 2 years ago 

OK I converted most of that to STEEM and then powered up. Hopefully I will have some more street cred now as I really do 100% power up all my posts.

 2 years ago 

There was a reason I had those sitting there. I believe that I was going to to use them for prizes in contests, but I got very busy and didn't have time. I suppose that I should use them to power up.

 2 years ago 

Don’t feel any pressure. I saw them there and didn’t see any power ups so didn’t know if you knew 👍🏼

There is many confusion due to this, I agree with you, at the first of it I did a post teaching users to how determine club status based on earnings manually. But after it the Steemit team announced that they was going to use cash outs instead, i.e if you withdraw x steem you should power up this amount or higher to be club 50; that's why I'm using this formula in Cotify, but personally I consider more logic get it based on earnings.


 2 years ago 

That perhaps explains why people are keeping large amounts of STEEM in their wallet. To many, it’s like the clubs is a “game” and they’re doing the minimum to play.

I’m not sure who’s tool has been used, but do your transfers out differentiate between STEEM and SBD. I’ve had one user today think they’re club75 having powered up 60 STEEM and transferred out 8.6 SBD (the tool says they’ve transferred out 8.6 STEEM).

They obviously know this but think we’re stupid.

 2 years ago 

This is the one I'm referring to...


who is maintaining the tool that the user is using? is the first time that I see it...

this is the result using cotify:


 2 years ago 

I don’t know - I’ve only seen starlord’s tool (I don’t know the URL to cotify)…?

Feel free to check:


 2 years ago 

Ah, I don't use telegram 🤷🏼‍♂️

 2 years ago 

Have fun with a quadruple dolphin :) Stronger, more enjoyable days are with you with the power of 4 Dolphins :)) By the way, the tool is very clear and understandable :)

 2 years ago 

Thank you 😃


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