Charcoal Portrait Of A Princess

Hello my fellow steemians! How are you doing this week. Happy new week. I'm grateful for life. I have been depressed for some weeks now. My activity in steemit really reduced because of my condition. Depression is the worst of all mental disorder that should be addressed in time before it takes life away.
How was the weekend? Today is Thursday down here. I wish you a terrific new week as I share my post with you. My fellow members of @worldofxpilar. I am here again to share my recent realistic charcoal pencil portrait of my recent piece I did for my client who decided to surprise her friend on her birthday.
This drawing was a rushed one but I was devoted to giving out my best even though it was hasty.


PaperGlaze card
Size12/15 inches
PencilsCharcoal pencil and dust
EraserTombo mono zero and nataraj vynil eraser
Camerainfinix mobile phone
DurationApproximately 23 hours

Here are the steps on how I did the portrait.
I drew my grid lines and made my sketch then started shading it gradually. I usually start my portraits from the hair, but in his case I started with the eyes and the hair. Then I got to the face and started working on the features of the face gradually as usual. This is to helps me work downward and from left to right before moving down to the clothing. I usually use a piece of paper to place my hand. I do this to avoid smudging the part I may have already worked on. I really took my time to include everything in detail even though I was not accurate exactly the way it is in the reference. Making sure nothing was left out since I want you to really appreciate a good work. And I know myself. I know I'm always committed to excellence regardless of who it may be.
Don't forget to tell me how it goes. My friend is getting his work next week.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3






Thank you for going through my blog and artwork as well. I hope you like the portrait, stay tuned, more works are coming. I remain Tempest Art™.
Keep steeming guys🙏

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