Africans In Diaspora - Can You Make Millions Running Small-scale Businesses In Africa. Part One!

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In this lengthy video, there we more than 7 participants. We looked to tackle the question of whether it is possible for 'Africans in the diaspora' returning to Africa to run 'small-scale businesses in Africa' that turns out very successful. This is a three part conversation and part one is some 2 hours long. In part one, we established the possibility of our theory, then went on to discuss why our theory may be correct or incorrect, by trying to analyze and the grasp the dynamics of the African systems of living to see if they favor 'Africans in the diaspora intending to run small-scale businesses in Africa' or not.

We had two people from the diaspora join the conversation, one located in UK and the other in USA. I was a 'legitimate illiterate' in this conversation. The others who joined are currently located in Africa.

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Hi @surpassinggoogle

Thanks for the incredible job you do, it means a lot to many people. Continue with your good interviews

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