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Early story

right ... we will see again, a more unique type of butterfly, black and white, with a sparkling decoration, sunlight, on the edges, wings of this type of butterfly, can change color, become light brown , then ... black and white, the basic color of the type of butterfly, which has made, my eye's attention, as the butterfly flies, from one place to another.

with the intention of looking for posting material in my blog posting, my goal is to look for the types of insects, anything that can be seen in front of my eyes, between trees and leaves.

steps and intentions, sometimes can yield results, if often walks to the edge of the land, along the road, around the forest, where I live now. With the results, below, you will see, different types of butterflies, different from other types, are playing, on a petal.




although I have already explained, how the process, the occurrence of butterflies, it's good, I will explain again, how the process to become a butterfly. this is very important, we must know. while looking at pictures of course.

the butterfly in the picture above, the process is the same as for other types of butterflies, such as:

  • from the Egg "in a leaf pack"
  • become larvae "caterpillars on the leaves"
  • then it becomes puva "hanging, above a tree branch"
  • then it eventually becomes a butterfly, like the picture below, which I photograph, my use, the camera and lens that I modified. using macrophotography techniques.



a butterfly in a large image display

below, we will see, the types of butterflies that I have explained above, are located, above the leaves. and I will explain again, below the picture, both from my experience, when taking pictures, or about this type of butterfly.



You can see in the picture above, this type of butterfly, has, black spots, of the overall white color that is seen, though, almost like gray, on the body and wings.



in conditions like this, which I often say, if this type, is not disturbed, if our arrival, as a photographer, then ... freely, we get the demonstration, take, some images that are many and good.



even if there is a momentary wind disturbance, it will not, make this type fly, moreover, if this type, is doing the process, the food, which is in its mouth.

a butterfly playing, on a petal



Another habit of this type is, often playing on young leaves, which are green, this is the favorite color of butterflies, so you should not be surprised, if in a green park, filled with butterflies.



although there are other purposes and objectives, looking for food types of small insects, but, in some areas, climate change, also affects the presence of butterflies, from some, fellow friends in the steem community, I exchange information, about types of flowers and type of insect. from friends, who are citizens of countries other than Indonesia.



like in the picture above, I can observe this type, in a very long time, then ... I can get, this type of photo picture, in different forms.



although my legs, a little sore, withstand vibrations in the legs, so that other leaves do not sway, which can result, the type of butterfly will fly, yes ... like in another picture, which I can get, below, I take distance of the photo, a little further, to avoid, my legs are trembling stronger,



the picture above, if you can see it directly, like in the picture ... you can certainly feel, how if you are, among beautiful butterflies, watching butterflies playing and standing, on the leaves, in a free forest, certainly ... very fun of course.



In order to see the whole picture of butterflies, above, young leaves, forest flower plants, then I took this last picture, due to the situation, it was almost night, I had to prepare myself, to immediately go home.

this is what I can convey, to all of you, wherever you are, hopefully you are happy to see it.

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Information and Community Steem

LocationSp. Kramat Forest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens Camera Modiffix 18-55mm
Photography by@sultan-aceh


One unique thing about you is the way you upload good pictures.
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Thank you so much

You're welcome

Miseu lagenyan bambang neu tume, nyan adak meu itam gaki ikap le sidom, hana rugo bloh lam uteun. Sep tari corak ngen motif bak sayeup, sama ngen motif warna bak tuboh jih.

Amazing picture rakan sinaroe 👍👍👍

Thank you so much

oke 😃

Really this one unique butterfly,i did not seen before...

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Thank you so much

the butterfly is very beautiful.

Thank you so much


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